Rubber Diver Watch Straps vs Vintage-Style Watch Straps: Which is the Right Choice?

Diver watches come in numerous straps, encompassing rubber, vintage, leather, metal, fabric, and more. 

Some people face a dilemma in choosing between rubber diver watch straps and vintage ones. If you belong to the category of such people, this blog is your perfect guide. 

This blog will shed light on the comprehensive guide to making the proper selection between rubber and vintage-style watch straps. Stick to the blog until the last line to learn something worthwhile. 

Let’s begin. 

Understanding Rubber and Vintage watch straps 

As the name suggests, rubber watch straps are made of durable rubber material. Rubber is prominent for exceptional comfort and sports-like appearance. 

Here are the features of premium rubber diver watch straps

  • Water resistance: These are great for water-related activities and can withstand shock or water pressure. 
  • Longevity: These last several years, making a rubber strap diver watch an excellent investment. 
  • Comfort: Rubber watch straps contour your wrist, providing a comfortable fit. 
  • Easy to maintain: These watch straps can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 
  • Versatility: These watch straps are available in various designs and colors.

On the other hand, vintage-style watch straps are designed to mimic straps from the bygone years. These straps are manufactured using materials used to manufacture straps in olden centuries. Wearing these straps can induce feelings of nostalgia. 

Here are the features of vintage-style watch straps: 

  • Versatility: Vintage lovers can find vintage-style diver watches in numerous materials, including leather, canvas, suede, rubber, metal, fabric, and perlon. 
  • Aesthetics: Vintage diver watch straps remind people of watch straps from the bygone era. Plus, these have timeless appeal and make any watch classy. 
  • Styling: People can wear vintage-style watch straps on any occasion, formal or brunch with friends or family. 
  • Comfort: Vintage diver watch straps do provide comfort and a snug fit. 

But how do you choose the best option between these two? Keep reading.

Making The Right Choice 

The below-mentioned factors will help you make an educated choice. 

1) Purpose 

If you need a watch strap for diving, swimming, and other water-related sports, you can wear a rubber one. On the other hand, vintage-style watch straps are a perfect choice for people yearning to add a tinge of classic appeal to their personalities. 

2) Comfort 

Beyond a doubt, rubber watch straps are flexible and offer unparalleled comfort and fit. However, vintage-style watch straps may require a lot of time to adjust to the shape of your wrist.  

3) Maintenance 

Rubber watch straps are easy to maintain. You can clean them with a moist, soft cloth to remove dust particles from their surface. 

On the flip side, leather vintage watch straps require special care. For instance, you should avoid exposing leather vintage watch straps to sweat, water, direct sunlight, and harsh chemicals. You may also need to rely on leather conditioner and professional cleaning occasionally. That noted, maintaining these watch straps can be a headache. 

4) Durability 

The best rubber diver watch straps can withstand extreme water pressure and remain in good condition. On the other hand, vintage leather straps may get damaged due to water or moisture. If you often wear your leather vintage-style watch strap too tightly on your wrist, your wrist may sweat, damaging the strap. 

5) Style preferences 

If you are seeking a watch strap that has a sporty appearance, rubber is your go-to option. In contrast, vintage watch straps are an excellent choice if you want a watch strap with sophisticated allure. 

6) Weight considerations 

Some people prefer watch straps to feel light on their wrists. If you belong to the category of such people, rubber watch straps are the right choice due to their lightweight features. 

7) Temperature resistance 

Rubber diver watch straps will maintain their integrity when exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures. On the other hand, leather vintage watch straps may get damaged in cold conditions or under direct sunlight or heat. 

8) Shock absorption 

If your lifestyle revolves around sports or other high-movement activities, understand that these activities have a high risk of non-deliberate shocks or bumps. For such a lifestyle, rubber watch straps are reliable, as the rubber has excellent shock absorption properties. Conversely, vintage-style watch straps may not offer stellar shock resistance relative to rubber straps.

9) Allergy considerations 

People with metal allergies can rely on rubber watch straps due to their hypoallergenic properties. In contrast, vintage-style watch straps may contain adhesives and metals that may cause allergies to your skin. If you have sensitive skin, nothing will suit you better than rubber diver watch straps. 

10) Cultural and historical significance 

Rubber watch straps exude a sporty and modern feel, whereas vintage-style ones are associated with cultural significance. The latter ones will remind you of the craftsmanship and artistry of the olden years. 

Summing up, people looking for a watch strap that serves well in underwater sports activities and is durable, comfortable, hypoallergenic, shock, temperature, and water resistant, and modern can go for rubber diver watch straps without hesitation. People seeking watch straps with sophisticated appeal and historical significance can pick vintage-style watch straps. 

Moving further, now, you may wonder about the finest place to find your desirable watch straps. Your quest will end in the following section. 

Where Can You Find The Premier Watch Straps? 

Borealis Watch owns a stunning collection of superior quality watch straps in different materials, including vulcanized rubber and vintage. 

Vulcanized rubber implies that the rubber straps were treated with sulfur, heat, and curatives. This process makes the vulcanized rubber watch strap elastic, strong, heat resistant, abrasion resistant, weather resistant, chemically stable, less sticky, and resistant to deformation. 

Explore Borealis Watch for marvelous watch straps and pick the finest choice for your wrist. 


Both rubber and vintage-style watch straps have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

If you prefer a watch strap for underwater sports activities that is durable, hypoallergenic, water resistant, shock resistant, temperature resistant, lightweight, low maintenance, and sporty, without a doubt, shop for a rubber watch strap. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a watch strap with classic allure and historical importance, vintage-style watch straps are the right choice. 

Whatever you choose, ensure it aligns with your preferences and requirements. 

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