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Everything becomes paperless today. It isn’t only because it’s time-saving, but it also significantly contributes to a greener environment. It has all been with the help of technological progression that you’ve been enjoying the benefits of handling all your documents electronically, especially PDF files that you can conveniently share online for entirely free. 

However, the more PDFs you handle, the more challenging it’ll become. If you don’t have enough skills and the right system, dealing with your PDF files may sometimes cause you stress and frustration. Don’t worry because GogoPDF has a lot to offer to get your job done with so much convenience and ease. Here are a few of the online GogoPDF tools below. Read each one of them and explore the benefits you’ll get from using any of these online tools. 

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Quick PDF Merging Process

One thing that may give you a hassle is when you find it hard to locate a particular PDF document you need, among other PDFs scattered all over your computer or smartphone screen. That’s pretty much stressful. However, with the GogoPDF merger tool’s help, you can avoid this from happening in the future. 

You can go to the official website of GogoPDF to know how to merge PDF files free of charge. As the tool’s name suggests, it combines two, three, or more of your PDFs, making them one PDF file. Hence, if you have tons of PDFs that you regularly use, you can merge those you usually utilize with the same purpose. Other options are combining PDFs created in the same year and those you got from the same source. 

The main reason for using the GogoPDF merger is to minimize the number of PDFs you can see on your computer screen. Besides that, it’ll significantly help you employ an effective PDF file organization. Thus, the next time you’ll be looking for a specific PDF file, you would know what computer folder to open and which merged files to access. 

Easy File Conversion

It might be a hassle for you if you badly need a specific file format for your project, but you can’t find it on your computer or smartphone. If that’s the case, a file conversion tool is all you need, and GogoPDF has it on its official website for free. It has a tool that will allow you to transform your files in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word into a stable PDF format instantly. 

Besides that, if you have files in JPG and HTML, you can also convert them to PDF in no time. Hence, if you don’t have the specific file format you need in your future projects and tasks, don’t forget to check the GogoPDF website to see other formats available for conversion. There’s also nothing to worry about the time you’ll spend because GogoPDF has an innovative conversion technology. 

Hence, it has the most simplified conversion process that will only take a couple of minutes. It might take longer sometimes, depending on how many pages you’re processing at the same time. But one thing is for sure. It’ll help maximize your time and effort. 

Convenient PDF Password Set-Up

As the PDF owner, it’s your sole responsibility to protect the information your PDFs contain from people trying to access and use them without your knowledge. Cases like these might put your PDFs at risk, especially if they have valuable data and sensitive information. Don’t worry because GogoPDF can surely give you a solution to avoid that problem from happening in the future. 

It’s the PDF protection tool of GogoPDF that you all need in setting up a secure password for your PDF files. You only have to visit the official website of GogoPDF and upload all your important PDF files. You’ll need then to create and personalize a secure password, incorporating different characters, such as small and capital letters, numbers, and other symbols of your choosing. 

When the tool shows that the password you’ve provided has been successfully saved, you can now download the newly encrypted PDFs on your computer or smartphone. Hence, your PDF files become safe from any instances of unwanted use and unauthorized access moving forward. 

Trouble-Free PDF eSigning Process 

It has been a challenge for most PDF users to make their documents credible and valid. In most cases, some documents require a clear and valid signature for legal purposes. However, you can’t just grab a pen and sign these PDF documents instantly. Unless they are printed, that’s possible. 

To help you maximize your time, GogoPDF has a PDF eSign tool that allows you to write a signature on these PDF files electronically. Hence, you don’t need to print out these PDFs, sign them, and scan them afterwards. The process becomes easy and simple. You only have to upload your PDF files on the PDF eSign tool on the GogoPDF website. 

Then, you have to manually input your signature using your laptop’s touchpad or by maneuvering the mouse computer. If this doesn’t work for you, you can simply upload an image form of your signature on the online tool. After that, GogoPDF will immediately save the signature you’ve provided. Within a couple of minutes, there you have it! You’ve successfully signed all of your PDF files electronically, and they are now ready for any legal purposes. 


Technological advancement has significantly helped you enjoy the benefits of using electronic files. As the number of your PDF files continuously increases, it’ll consequently become challenging to handle them properly. However, the technology even gave you more opportunities to make you productive by providing you with an online platform to manage your electronic files effectively. Hence, GogoPDF came into place. That’s why the next time you struggle with your electronic files, always check GogoPDF. 

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