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Everyone wants their hard-earned money to be in good and safe hands. So if you want to keep

Your money is safe. We will guide you to some of the safest banks in India that are completely safe to keep your money in. They are as follows with their brief introduction.


Type: Public sector bank.

State bank of India is the largest bank of India that has a network not only in India but worldwide. 190 offices of the State bank of India are working in 35 different countries. As per the 2019 report, they have a net amount of 520 billion US dollars. The services provided by these banks include consumer banking, finance and corporate banking, investment banking, savings, security, assets management, mortgage loans, etc.


Type: private banking sector

ICICI the industrial credit and investment corporation bank of India is the second-largest private sector in India. The services that ICICI bank provides include credit cards, customer banking, insurance policies, investment policies, loans, private banking, and payment solutions.


Type: private banking sector

Axis bank works not only across India but also worldwide. The services that they provide include cooperating banking, private equity, finance insurance, and investment banking. Credit cards and management of the capital. Axis bank has a net worth of US $110 million. The total number of employees working here is more than 72 thousand.

Kotak Mahindra bank:

Type: private

The headquarters of Kotak Mahindra Bank is in Mumbai, India. Credit cards, life insurance, institutional Equities, Kotak realty funds, Kotak private equity, car finance, securities, policies for international business, and mutual funds are the services/products provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank.


Type: private

It is a private banking sector working nationally only. They provide services that include gold loans, property loans, car loans, and credit cards. They have more than 1500 branches across the country in which more than 30,000 employees are working


Type: Public banking sector ( 2nd largest)

PNB is an organization that is about 100 years old and it is still running successfully. It is of course a very safe place to keep your money. This bank is serving about 180 million customers. According to the report of 2019, they have approximately 71 thousand permanent employees.


Type: public sector

Bank of India was a private sector at first then it got nationalized later in 1969. It was established in September 1906. The headquarter of the Bank of India is in Mumbai. According to the report of 2021, they have a total asset of US 100 Billion Dollars that is an Indian 7.259 trillion Dollars. Bank of India has over 5000 branches nationwide. They have about 2000 ATMs. the services they gave are loans like gold loans, loans up to 1 crore with income prof, commercial banking, private banking, retail banking, mortgage loans, credit cards, management of capital, etc. the total number of permanent employees working here are more than 48,000 according to the report of 2019.


Type: Public sector banking

The largest public sector bank , Carana bank is the oldest bank of India. It was established in 1906. The headquarter of this bank is in Bengaluru, India. The parent organization is the ministry of finance and the Government of India. they have 88,213 employees working with them. the bank works in India as well as other countries of the world like Hongkong, Dubai, London and, America (New York). The total asset of Canara Bank is 150 billion US Dollars that is Indian of 1,153,675 crores.

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