SARMs vs. Steroids

Steroids can offer drastic results for users and help break plateaus, offer performance enhancement and give you an advantage over the other athletes. But you do have a number of risks involved with steroid use which contradicts the rewards for a lot of users and a number of times the risks are far too big. The issue with steroids is the emergence of possible side effects such as suppression of testosterone. There are legalities also involved in it, and it may be illegal to possess or use steroids.

Dangers of steroids

Different steroids yield different side impacts. A major common side effect of all steroids is that they suppress the production of natural testosterone. A long term suppression of steroids may never let your testosterone fully recover. Some other side effects linked with steroid abuse are male pattern baldness, body hair growth, acne, prostate cancer, live issues, Gynecomastia, cholesterol problem, high blood pressure, and more.

This is a list of the possible side effects that can occur with steroid use. Another problem with steroid use is the constant fear of injections and needles. This is why most of the countries have banned the use of steroids.

A substitute!!!

After going through the above problems linked with steroid use, obviously you may be thinking “Is there a better alternative”? Yes, you do have a viable option present. It doesn’t just offer astounding results, but also the side effects are not even a fraction of what they are with steroids. Plus, there are no injections and needles involved. And that miraculous compound is SARMs. Well, SARMs provide the advantages of traditional steroids such as testosterone, along with higher muscle mass, fat loss and bone density. Plus, they have almost no to minimal tendency to produce the unwanted side effects that come with steroids.

Advantages of SARMs

SARMs offer the benefits of anabolic steroids with minimal undesirable side effects. The best thing is that they are only available for oral use which most of the steroids lack. It is a boon for bodybuilders and athletes to use SARMs in conjunction with or as a replacement for steroids.

Some uses of SARMs are:

  • Better lean muscle growth
  • Better fat loss
  • Fat cutting
  • Muscle endurance and strength

Benefits of SARMs in comparison to steroids:

  • Oral usage
  • Same function as testosterone
  • No conversion to DHT
  • No conversion to estrogen
  • No harm to liver
  • Legal
  • Undetectable


SARMs work as a perfect alternative to steroids, but they are in the progressive stage and clinical trials are still going on. The beauty of SARMs is that it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. SARMs have proven to be an effective and efficient alternative to steroids that everyone has been desperately looking forward to. If you want to know where to buy SARMs in Canada, then Golden SARMs is your one-stop solution. The online store has high quality, effective and best SARMs available. You have all the options available, you can pick the one that is feasible for you and avail all the benefits.

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