Selecting the Right Course to Meet Your Needs

Few subjects are quite as intense as maths, and when it comes to preparing for your A levels exams, better revision is an absolute must. With so many topics to cover in Pure Maths, Mechanics, and Statistics, how will you be ready when exam day comes? The right A Level Maths revision courses can help.

There are many revision courses available today, and trying to select the right one can be difficult. There are a few things you might notice that the best courses have in common though, and understanding what to look for could help you choose a course that has you prepared when you finally take your exams.

  • Look For a Course that Is Board Specific: it might sound obvious, but you want a course that covers the material specified by the board so your exam scores will actually increase. The last thing you want is to spend time with a course that won’t actually help improve your score. At A level, there is quite a bit of variation between the different exam boards, something that may not have happened at previous levels like your GCSEs, so knowing exactly what to expect and how the styles differ is key to increasing your scores.
  • Look For One on One Attention: Preparing for your A levels is rigorous. There’s just no way around that. If you end up in a revisions course that can’t meet everyone’s needs, though, you may as well handle your revision timetable on your own. Make sure the courses are intentionally small and can give you the attention you need as you work to understand the material. You’re paying for a tutor for this course. Make sure the tutor has time to actually meet your needs.
  • Look For a Provider Who Helps with Exam Technique: A comprehensive understanding of the subject matter is absolutely essential, but so is knowing how to take the test. After all, if you don’t understand pacing, terminology, and keywords, you may not do well on the exam, even if you understand the material. Ensure your provider offers you a better understanding of what the exam day might look like as well as the material covered. You have to understand the situation before you can really begin to flourish with the test.
  • Look For Qualified Personnel: It goes without saying that you want a team behind your A Levels Maths revision courses that actually knows what they’re doing. The chances are good that you wouldn’t hire a tutor without the right qualifications, so why would you sign up for a course that has been developed by people who have never even seen an A Levels maths exam? Make sure that anyone involved has personally been through the process successfully and can help you prepare to take the exam, as it’s one of the most important choices you’ll make as you move forward to university.

Let Us Help!

Our team offers A level mathematics revision course suitable for year 12 and year 13 students. The times and dates vary throughout the semester so as to better meet your needs when it comes to scheduling. Every single course we offer is custom designed to the students in the course so there are no gaps in knowledge when it comes to exam time. If there’s time within a course, our highly qualified tutors cover any topics that make sense. With every course, though, you can expect us to help you build knowledge that covers the board specified topics including Pure Maths, Mechanics, and Statistics, as well as an understanding of what exam day will actually look like. We can even arrange a further revision course if you need to go over topics in a bit more depth.

While many of our revisions courses are classroom based, we also offer online courses for those who find that travel is an issue. In every setting, though, we keep the number of students in the course to a minimum so that each student gets the quality attention he or she needs while class discussions can still remain a priority to further student learning.

Ready to learn more about our A Levels Maths revision courses? Give us a call today.

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