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Elegant and sensual touches, a sporty and decidedly easy-chic mood. The shoes for the ‘ fall winter 202 2021 are a true passion and blend well with all outfits. On the ready-to-wear platforms they reigned supreme, among the trendy and coolest accessories .

Yes, because shoes are never enough and you can choose them according to your personality ! Romantic and bon ton just like the sandals, pumps and décolleté, or gritty like the high leather boots – in particular the total black ones -, but even fun and glam like the high platform ankle boots and the super colored sneakers. There are really an infinity of them !

In short, whether they are high or medium heels, shoes for the coldest months of the year are available in a thousand colors . From the liveliest to pastel shades and more, even in the total white that has now been widely cleared on ready-to-wear platforms. With a cocoon effect.

Are you ready to choose the most glamorous shoes for the next few months? Here are all the models you will need to have for the next cold season!


They are among the most popular boots with fur (and not just for the winter!). With the boots you make a twist of refinement and at the same time of energy to ward off even the most gray day. Yes, because the designers had fun making many super colorful ones. The boots even have glitter and all-over sequins and once again confirm the trend that sees sparkling accessories, that is, very bright at the top of the must-have ranking. And not only. Yes, because some models are dipped in the most precious silver like those of Vivienne Westwood . The patterns are a confirmation of style. Green light, therefore, to the all-over logos – as for Salvatore Ferragamo’s boots – and the animalier that, surprisingly, appears in the collection of Victoria Beckham .


Elegant even in winter, ça va sans dire! Trendy sandals have a thousand straps and precious details. They are colored like those of Gucci which combines them with lace tights. Blumarine is super romantic with red passion sandals that even have roses applied. Elisabetta Franchi , on the other hand, marries glitter and metallic colors such as gold and combines them with long dresses. In short, with sandals, your look will be hyper feminine (and very seductive).

High heel shoes

Décolleté, pumps, and even Mary Jane with a high platform will be your precious Stylo shoes. This is confirmed by the stylists who for autumn winter 2019 2020 suggest models with a charming allure. In short, high-heeled shoes will elevate your look to the nth degree. There are many decidedly glam models . Yes, because Versace wants them with lots of straps and jewels applied to the upper, while Vivetta says yes to pastel shades, especially for Mary Janes. Roksanda , on the other hand, rewards ankle boots in strong shades such as fuchsia, while  Fendi is super delicate with greedy colors such as cream. No heels, no party !

Medium heel shoes

They are the most comfortable alternative without sacrificing style and refinement. The midi and comfortable heel has been widely cleared on the platforms, especially the ankle boots such as those declined in the total white by Carmens that paraded on the platform by Antonio Marras . And not only. Even Marni prefers the non-color par excellence, for his boots with a contemporary mood. In full urban chic style. More elegant is Missoni which offers two-tone slingbacks, white and blue.


They have been super trendy for a couple of seasons and are therefore confirmed as one of the shoes to have absolutely . Sneakers stop playing shoes suitable only for the gym and become super glam even with the most romantic outfits. Color and more color on primadonsanddonnas sneakers  that prefers the sock model, like those of primadonsanddonnas. Will you be able to resist the temptation of having at least one pair to show off day by day ?

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