Silencil UK – Where Can I Buy Silencil Supplement in UK?

Silencil is one of the unique tinnitus relief supplement to improve hearing available in the UK. This revolutionary formula helps to end tinnitus sounds in your ears. It is made with a blend of natural ingredients and is designed to eradicate the root causes of tinnitus. The product uses a mixture of vitamins, and 28 plant-driven herbal extracts to treat the brain inflammation. It is important to treat the brain inflammation at the earliest stage as it damages the nerve cells and causes disturbing sounds in the ear. People with brain inflammation say that they suffer from whooshing, hissing, and buzzing sounds in the air. It protects against dementia, memory loss, brain fatigue, migraines, and more. So, buy Silencil pills in UK and get back your mental clarity.


How Silencil Pills Works?

Silencil uses a special ingredient, which the developers call “brain nutrient” to support the health of the inner ear. This nutrient helps in ‘regaining your silence’ so that you can ‘hear in the world in a clear, beautiful sound’. The majesty of the natural sounds will remain the safe even if you are suffering from severe tinnitus.

In fact, the product claims to be ‘clinically proven’ and it also claims that it is safe for the people of all ages who are suffering from tinnitus. The formula is tested on people of 20 and 80 years old to testify the product on young and old people. It also included the people who were suffering from Tinnitus either at the earliest stage of 10 weeks to 10 years.

The mentioned benefits on the advertisements of Silencil are the following:

  • A natural and cheap solution for tinnitus
    • Stop tinnitus noises in your ears
    • Eradicates the root cause of tinnitus permanently
    • Restore your hearing
    • Better mental clarity
    • Revents against dementia, memory loss, brain fatigue, migraines, and more

It is evident that the manufacturers of Silencil believe in the power and quality of their product. This is the reason they claim to have a 100% rate in clinical trial and the users from long term have 100% reduced tinnitus.

What Makes Silencil Unique?

Most of the times the doctors do not recommend any supplements. Instead they recommend many other treatments.

Silencil claims that the doctors have understood tinnitus wrong. The modern science has discovered that the tinnitus is caused when your inner ear cell is damaged including your inner ear cells and the hairs within the ear.

However, the makers disagree and believe that tinnitus has “nothing to do with your ears.”

Doctors lie to the people because they want to make more money by creating an illusion of tinnitus in people’s minds. That is why many big pharmaceutical companies make ‘billions’ per year by deliberately suppressing the genuine products like Silencil. Creating a misconception of tinnitus is just a marketing scheme of doctors and many pharmaceutical companies for earning money.

What causes tinnitus if it doesn’t come from the ears?

The company claims tinnitus is caused by “a little known and yet highly dangerous activity happening inside a tiny part of your brain right now.”

It works  by targeting a this activity (inflammation) in a small part of your brain. It claims that you can experience quick, and noticeable changes when Silencil targets toxicity in your brain. It also benefits your ears and helps in eradicating tinnitus permanently.

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Silencil Ingredients

According to the advanced research, science has told us that only the vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals cannot cure tinnitus single handedly. However, Silencil claims that it contains a specific combination of ingredients that directly target the brain inflammation and supports hearing in many ways. Thus, it eradicates the tinnitus symptoms in no time and takes care of your health in every possible way.

The company has not labelled the supplement and thus we cannot inform others about its ingredients. The makers have adopted a different approach by not disclosing the specific combination of their ingredients unlike other supplements.

However, we know some of the ingredients that are added in the making of Silencil which are as follows:

Herbal Extracts: It includes small doses of various herbal extracts, including chamomile, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola rosea extract, among other ingredients. These ingredients are high in antioxidants, which target inflammation in the brain and provide long-term relief from the tinnitus issues.

Vitamins: Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 are among the vitamins contained in this product. These vitamins also help to reduce inflammation in the brain, which helps to permanently eliminate tinnitus.

Minerals: It is a tinnitus treatment that includes potassium and other minerals. While it’s unclear how potassium affects the inner ear, Henry believes it plays a critical role in permanently removing tinnitus.

Plant Extracts: Skullcap, hawthorn, oat straw, and mucuna pruriens are among the special ingredients in Silencil. This plant extract combination, according to Henry, is “highly effective” because it “strengthens the neurotransmitters in your brain and enhances brain function,” among other things.


The ingredients above, when combined, guide your brain and ear through four critical steps for tinnitus relief, including:

Step 1) Ingredients and inflammation in the brain are targeted at the source of your tinnitus.

Step 2) Henry says that after targeting inflammation, “the noise in your ears vanishes,” permanently removing the tinnitus symptoms. The ringing, whirring, or clicking sound associated with tinnitus would no longer be audible.

Step 3) Your mind and brain are sharpened. Henry believes that his formula will “supercharge the brain” and improve cognition in a number of ways.

Step 4) You defend yourself from tinnitus and memory loss. Finally, Silencil touts its ability to defend against “memory loss or other brain-related diseases.” Silencil, they say, can make your brain 10 years younger in as little as a week because the ingredients “function like steroids for your brain.”

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Scientific Evidence

Henry claims that he with the assistance of Dr. Peterson performed extensive research and tests on Silencil just to prove that it cures tinnitus permanently.

In these tests, Henry claims that the results of the tests proved that Silencil is a supplement with 100% success rate with zero side effects. The experimentation included 100 patients of tinnitus and the results concluded that all the patients were cured using this product and there were no side effects. All of the participants also observed a better memory, no more dizziness and headaches, and a surge in brain functions, among many other functions.

However, neither Henry nor Dr. Peterson provided any link to studies or clinical trials, which makes us skeptical that either the testing has been done or not. Moreover, the ingredients are not clearly mentioned on the packaging which makes it even more suspicious.

Only some of the ingredients in Silencil have been tested. Talking about other ingredients, we can say that there is only a limited evidence for them. The supplement also contains herbal ingredients which again are provided with no details or with a limited evidence. For example,

Most of the ingredients added work for reducing the inflammation throughout the body and hence are useful for brain inflammation. Only a few of the ingredients are specifically tested for their usefulness in the treatment of tinnitus.

Vitamin B12 can help with tinnitus and hearing loss. Researchers gave vitamin B12 to people with tinnitus in this 2016 study published in Noise & Health, and found a substantial improvement in tinnitus symptoms.

Silencil, unfortunately, does not contain vitamin B12. Vitamins B3, B6, and B9 are among the other B vitamins contained in it. However, it lacks the one B vitamin that has been related to tinnitus relief. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from any multivitamin.

Some people also use ashwagandha as a home remedy to relieve symptoms of tinnitus, but there’s limited evidence supporting its use.

Overall, we can safely say that we are skeptical about the usefulness of the supplement according to the information provided on its sale page. The information is not only limited but its claims about the wrong findings of doctors make it even more suspicious. Moreover, there is no evidence or claim that Silencil is more effective that multivitamins for the treatment of tinnitus.

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Who Created Silencil Supplement?

A man named as Henry Sanders who teamed up with Dr. Thomas Peterson created this formula. Henry Sanders is a medical researcher from New York.

Dr. Peterson also claims that he has some inside connections with a multi-billion dollar private military contractor and they got this secret cure recipe from them. He claims that this is the formula that ‘big pharma’ doesn’t want you to know so that they can keep stealing money from you.

In an another statement, Henry and Dr, Peterson claimed that they have “made a lot of enemies by posting this protocol online.”

Silencil Price in UK?

In United Kingdom(UK), Silencil provides 3 best selling packages from which you can select any one as per your requirement. The latest prices for this tinnitus relief supplement are as follows:

  • $69 for one bottle
  • $177 for three bottles
  • $294 for six bottles (Super Saving Pack)

It comes with 60-day money back guarantee. Try risk-free at home.

Where Can I Buy Silencil Pills in UK?

You can purchase Silencil supplement in UK online through their official supplier site. This hearing wellness pill for tinnitus ships to all over UK, USA, Australia, NZ and Canada. So, get your discounted bottle today and say good bye to tinnitus!

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