Skills You Need for a Successful Logistics Career

Successful Logistics Career

Given it’s a mainstream management career, getting into logistics can be rewarding, but it’s one that will have a wide array of hurdles along the way. However, if you possess the right skill set and are looking forward to making a difference, then landing a job in this field won’t be as challenging. To help you through the journey, this read will take a closer look at the skills you need to possess in order to succeed.

General Skills

Regardless of your background, it is important to possess the following essential skills:


-Commercial awareness

-The ability to think fast, analytically and logically

-Good problem solving skills

-Team working and project management skills

-The desire to learn new skills

In addition, great verbal and written skills are necessary alongside showing the ability to present your thoughts in a clear, concise and convincing manner.

There are particular core competencies and personal qualities required for success and they can be broadly categorized into general management skills, technology skills as well as a people-related skills. Transportation jobs in the US are ten a penny currently and these are the jobs people want people for.

  1. People-related Skills

People management is vital to the success of a project. New laws and regulations, union relations changes, new working patterns and the drive for higher productivity tend to make huge demands on the managers. There’s a strong emphasis on customer care importance as well as the ability to see the the picture from both perspectives. This is one of the most vital skills when you’re in logistics. Other essential skills in this aspect include:

Leadership- You need to be consistently clear and concise on objectives, value contributions made by colleagues and staff members, and gain their respect.

Communication- You need to ensure that people you deal with, be it colleagues or clients always comprehend what you mean. Also, ensure that you are keen to listen what the other party has to say. Ineffective communication is one of the biggest conflict areas.

Interpersonal Skills- Drive, perceptiveness, tenacity, energy, calmness, resilience, adaptability and analytical ability are all vital skills and qualities high in the professional agenda.

Team Building- Motivating and developing others to work together in an effective manner to achieve the desired results, including maximum delegation with the right guidance and support, full participation as well as effective communication. 

  1. Technology Skills

IT plays a vital role in the field of logistics and transport management and it is an equally essential tool in supply chain management as well as transport planning. As such, technology skills are essential to all managers in this niche. These skills include:

Information Technology Literacy- This is the bare minimum requirement for any manager in this landscape. They should be able to comprehend how technology and information systems can boost operational efficiency as well as competitiveness in the market. In some situations, advanced aptitude can come in handy, a few examples being project management and computer modelling.

Management Information Systems- All companies in the logistics field use IT to store information. Management information systems or MIS are at the core of everything we do. Even if you are not a techie, this isn’t something you want to put off. Your employer doesn’t expect you to write code, but they require your analytical skills to make the most out of the management information systems and make operations run in a smooth manner.

  1. General Management Skills

In this day and age, the workplace is a demanding environment that calls for people to think on their feet to handle any hurdles that come their way. This calls for solid skills in the following:

Decision Making- the ability to make usually crucial decisions is essential to a logistics management role. No employer wants  a manger who slacks or is unable to make decisions when required.

Problem Solving- You also need to be good at analyzing hard facts and get to a workable and logical solution.

Numeracy- With logistics becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is essential to have the ability to comprehend and analyse data.

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