Snapchat Feature: Everything You Need to Know

The ephemeral nature of social media interactions might seem antithetical to the principle of leaving a lasting impression, yet it’s precisely this transient quality that has catapulted apps like Snapchat into the spotlight. For social media enthusiasts, understanding and mastering the multitude of features that Snapchat offers is akin to learning the language of a new and rapidly expanding digital society.

From ‘snaps’ and ‘stories’ that capture and share moments of your life, to ‘lenses’ that transform your face into various bizarre and adorable avatars, the platform’s playful and innovative features have set trends and shaped how we communicate online. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dig deep into every aspect of Snapchat, ensuring you’re fluent in its language and ready to engage with this dynamic digital tool.

An Overview of Snapchat Features

Before we explore the finer details of Snapchat’s features, it’s crucial to understand the platform’s core components that underpin the ‘snap-happy’ culture.

Snaps and Stories

Snaps are photos or videos you take, often enhanced with filters, stickers, and text captions. Their defining attribute is their self-destructive nature—these visual snippets vanish from the recipient’s device after viewing, with a primary motivation of capturing and sharing life’s most genuine and fleeting moments. Stories, on the other hand, are a collection of Snaps that live for 24 hours and can be viewed an unlimited number of times by selected friends or the public.

Discover and Snap Map

Snapchat offers a unique space for media content through Discover. Here, users can explore a curated selection of articles, shows, and branded content from different publishers. Snap Map, an interactive map, lets you share your location (if you choose) and view where your friends are, providing a real-time social perspective on the world.

Lenses and Filters

Now a Days Lens and filters features of different app is very popular.  One of the most engaging elements of Snapchat is its Lenses feature, which uses augmented reality to apply animated effects over users’ faces. Filters, by contrast, are static designs that overlay the image, adding context or artistic layers to your Snaps and Stories.

Chat and Memories

Snapchat evolved beyond a mere photo-sharing app with the introduction of Chat, a messaging service built into the app that allows users to send texts, photos, videos, and voice notes. Memories serve as the personal archive where users can save their favorite snaps and stories, creating a private narrative that can be revisited or shared at will.

Snapchat planets order feature:

The Snapchat planets order refers to the ranking of your best friends based on your interactions with them on the platform. It’s visualized through a “Friend Solar System” lens, where you appear as the sun, and your closest friends orbit you as planets.

Here’s the breakdown:


1. Mercury: Closest friend (most snaps and chats exchanged)

2. Venus: Second closest friend

3. Earth: Third closest friend

4. Mars: Fourth closest friend

5. Jupiter: Fifth closest friend

6. Saturn: Sixth closest friend

7. Uranus: Seventh closest friend

8. Neptune: Eighth closest friend

How to Use Snapchat Features Effectively

Understanding the basics is just the beginning. To use Snapchat to its full potential, follow these tips to wield its features effectively.

Creating Engaging Snaps and Stories

Be authentic. Your audience on Snapchat values real, unpretentious content that provides a raw glimpse into your world. Use a mix of Snaps and Stories—short, unambiguous Snaps to keep things fresh, and compelling Stories when the narrative requires more depth.

Utilizing Discover for Content Exploration

Hop on Discover to keep up with the latest news, entertainment, and pop culture. Fold in snippets from Discover in your own Stories to infuse a professional and informative edge to your content.

Enhancing Photos with Lenses and Filters

This is where the fun really starts. Play with Lenses to surprise and delight your audience or utilize Filters to convey moods, offer daily weather updates, or check out a new city’s landmarks.

Communication and Storage with Chat and Memories

Snapchat’s messaging is intuitive and personal. Engage with friends using the unique features such as audio notes or digital stickers. Memories can act as your digital diary, storing milestones, cherished memories, and fun vignettes of your life.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

1. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, push your game forward with these advanced techniques.

Geofilters and Sponsored Lenses

Create a geofilter for your events or favorite spots, adding a personal touch to your environment. If you’re a brand or business, consider sponsored lenses that can become viral marketing tools.

Snap Score and Streaks

Prepare to get competitive with friends over your Snap Scores, which increase with your activity on the app. Maintain your friendships with consistent communication through Snaps, and watch your streaks grow as a mark of your dedication.

Snap Map Privacy Settings

Respect your privacy and manage who can see your location with the Snap Map. Choose to keep it off entirely, share with specific friends, or go into Ghost Mode for complete anonymity.


Snapchat’s growth and influence in the social media market underline the importance of its inventive feature set. From personal connections to brand promotions, Snapchat is an ever-evolving social canvas that invites you to participate in the art of spontaneity and visual dialogue.

Whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned user looking to deepen your engagement, the features and functions outlined in this post grant you the power to both entertain and inform. Master these elements, and you will have the tools to thrive in the rich tapestry of social interaction that Snapchat offers.

Engage, explore, and enjoy the ride. With Snapchat, the world is your ever-changing stage, waiting for your personal touch.

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