Social Media Marketing Strategies: 8 Tactics You Can’t Miss

This means that markets can interact with the customer in real-time and benefit from communication.

The organization actually gets to “listen” to the customer and understand more about their perception of the brand, as well as the product, and so on.

Social Media marketing channels help build collective opinion and precipitate healthy discussions on pertinent topics.

The second important feature is that Social Media Marketing spread across the variety of channels and media compared to the limited channels that the press and media operate.

Social Media works with various tools, including audio, video, text, audio pods, and private forums, public discussion forums, SMS, chat, emails, as well as blogs, etc.

Third, Social Media is a dynamic and flexible medium that keeps changing content, tools and keeps evolving all the time.

As participants continue to provide input and collective wisdom the group results in changing and updating the content as well as creating demand for more tools to be made available.

Fourth, Social Media requires a different type of involvement from marketers.

Unlike traditional media where marketers run customer-designed ads and campaigns focused on a particular audience or group, Social Media allows participants to lead the discussion and marketers must listen rather than lead the discussion.

Salespeople have to approach potential customers in an indirect way, helping to build public opinion. And, from that point, indirectly guide them towards taking an interest in your product.

Social Media is evolving at a very fast pace and online are the technological tools that are available.

Marketers have no choice but to tune in to the media, understand how things work, and make sure they are present.

Not being present in the networks in current times is not an option for marketing companies.

Social networks: which is the best?

Social networks mean a space or a platform where the audience connects in different ways .

Each Social Network has different functions and within Social Media Marketing each and every one works in a unique way looking for specific objectives to be achieved with the strategy.

Can we say that one social network is better than another?

The answer is no. The truth is that each one is important for different variants and differs from the others due to its characteristics and functionalities.

All are important for one objective or another, depending on the strategy, the audience and the goals we want to achieve.

Each social network has characteristics that satisfy specific needs of the users or the audience. Here we leave you a count of the functionalities, which for us, stand out the most:

For years, Facebook has represented the most used social network that has been developed in the world and tops the list of favorites.

So far in 2016 this platform has 1.550 million registered users, which represents a number of almost three or four times the numbers of the rest of the social platforms.

If you wonder how Facebook has managed to have these numbers, the answer is very simple: they are open to change.

This platform was the first to generate continuous changes in its algorithm, its look and feel and its options. Always looking for better features that generate better experiences for its users.  

Videos and photographs generate approximately 70% of the engagement of this platform.

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