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In these trying times, we still can celebrate Earth Day all over the world. This may be through virtual meetings, conferences, and even a little community gathering. Because of the pandemic, we have a limited resource to extend the importance of this day to our environment.

Today, Solutiontales will help deliver the celebration and importance of Earth Day to the people. A short quiz is provided, and users are encouraged to take it for them to assess themself on how much knowledge they really possess about this event and how well they can help sustain this movement in the coming years.

Caring for the Earth: How?

There are so many ways to take care of our Earth. First, there is no need to leap to more significant steps to aid the planet to lessen its burden to restore itself. The change will always start in ourselves. If we are responsible enough to clean our household, yards, gardens, and even our community, we are doing our part in the event. You might think simply turning off the lights when not in use is a small step, but it helps us save energy to decrease the warming. Also, small efforts such as participating in advocacies of our places, proper waste segregation, planting trees to the forest, and conservation of energy wherever you are is a straightforward step that we can create. If these small steps combine, it will create a domino effect to other people, and that they will also know how to help in their little way. We can see all over the news and televisions that the impact of global warming is highly alarming. Thus, Earth Day is a reminder that we should take concrete action plans to mitigate certain risks. The organizers of Earth Day, which was made way back years ago, have been nonstop creating platforms, advocacies, and movements to let people know how serious this situation is. If we fail to address the big problems, it will cause disaster to us shortly. Our grandchildren will inherit tons of issues that there might be no way to sort things out. Therefore, it is essential to educate our children about how we can be of help to society. It can start by addressing the earth day quiz Solutiontale has provided on their website.

How Should we see the future?

The damage to the Earth is increasing over time. There might be an action plan to mitigate losses, but a problem always sticks to it. Nevertheless, we should see a bright future ahead. Through the development of technology, it is possible that we can gradually heal mother nature and restore the planet that was once very healthy. We can use science to manifest how we can make the ozone layer go back to normal, address the pollution and contamination of some bodies of water because of toxins and waste from the industrial sector, or how we can preserve biodiversity in the secluded islands.

Either way, it is on how we act that we will bring honor to our motherland and preserve its natural resources.

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