Some Interesting But So Weird Christmas Myths Around The World

You and me we both know one thing, and we heard a lot about this. Every place has its traditions for every occasion. But one more thing that also exists everywhere, and that is a myth. Myths are baseless but still, people believe in it. When you will ask them, from what you know about this, they will say I heard from this, I heard from that. This is the reality of these kinds of myths. Let me tell you this is not only in my country or your country. Myth is everywhere especially when it comes to any festival or God. They never get the people but still, people believe, it is reality. Today, I am going to also tell you about some myths. These myths are related to Christmas. Today, I will tell you about some myths which the world believes. So many of you also know about any of the myths and beliefs, which I am going to tell you all about. Before starting to talk about the myth, I want to tell you all one thing. Jesus Christ always teaches us to live with each other, with love and brotherhood. So always remember it.

Jesus Christ born on 25th December in reality

 The first myth, I am going to tell you is related to Jesus Christ’s birth. We all every year, bake and cut authentic Christmas cake online on the occasion of Jesus Christ’s birthday. That is on the 25th of December. But when it comes to the written evidence. It is not mentioned anywhere, not even in the Bible that Jesus was born on December 25th. Even in Bible month is also not mentioned. But still, every year we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday on 25th December. God knows what’s the truth but yes, we celebrate Christmas Day as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and St. Nicholas all are one man

This is truly the biggest myth related to Christmas. Because all three people are totally different from each other. If you will go in the history of St. Nichols’s death date is mentioned and that is December 6. You will get lots of more evidence on the page of history. Those pages truly deny this claim, that all three are one people. I agree they have so many things in common. But it doesn’t mean all three are one person. It is like ordering a new year cake for a Christmas party.

Pickle ornaments in the trees, German people do this

 Before telling you more about it, let me clear you one thing. Some Germans believe it is a tradition, and some Germans say. It is nothing more than a myth. But if you will ask me, I don’t know what’s true but I like it. Okay now, I am telling you what it is. Actually, any of the eldest members of the family will hide the glass pickle ornaments in the branches of their aromatic tree. This will be happening on Christmas Eve. Now the next day, I mean morning, the other members of the family have to find that glass pickle ornament. The first child who will find the glass pickle ornament very first will get some more and special gifts from St. Nicholas. If any adult will find it, then he or she will get lots of good luck in the coming year. But yes, the one who hides the glass pickle ornaments is not allowed to participate in it.

Yule lads

 I don’t know how much truth it is, I think it’s just a man-made story to stop kids from doing any kind of naughtiness. It is said that Gryla has 13 sons. They are known as Yule Lads. They all have their own unique and special characteristics, which makes them different from each other. All 13 lads came to visit the Children’s of Iceland, every night. Just 13 days before Christmas. It is said, those kids who were good the whole year, all the 13 lads every night one by one leave a small gift for them. But those who do lots of naughtiness and not being a good kid, for them they leave a rotten potato every night.

All these are myths so let it be a myth. Just take it as knowledge. Christmas means sharing love, food, gifts, each other’s pain, and trying to be a good human being. So now go and order for the online cake delivery and enjoy movies on m4ufree. Because without cake, how you will start your Christmas celebration. So forget these things and enjoy your Christmas with yummy food, gifts and your loved ones.




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