Sorting out your fleet: what your recovery vehicles need

When it comes to owning a garage with its own fleet of recovery vehicles, you might be wondering where to begin. You might not know what makes a recovery vehicle work well, and if you have a range of different kinds of trucks, you might be wondering how you can bring all of those together and make them part of your fleet visibly without having to differ too much. Here are some ways that you can give your recovery fleet what it needs to work well and not be a danger to other drivers on the road.

#1 LED Light Bars

This is something that will show other road users that the vehicle is on its way to do something important. You can have these on when the vehicle is towing another or pulled over to the side of the road to increase its visibility and to help the safety of the driver or mechanic. LED light bars can be a good option to have on all of your vehicles, as it can help your workers and be visible both day and night.

#2 Branding

You should make sure that all of your vehicles have some sort of wrap on them. Commercial vehicles can help you make the most of your drives out and about, as it can market your services to other drivers on the road. It can help you also be recognized by those that you are picking up and helping so that they know that a random white van that pulls up next to them stating to be a mechanic is something that they don’t have to face.

#3 Communication

All of your vehicles should have a communication network that is hands-free. This can be an in-built phone or telling drivers where they are going to go before they leave the garage. This can help the safety of other cars on the road as your drivers aren’t expected to use a mobile phone and drive, especially seeing as some will not pull over to use their phone and will attempt to text and call while driving.

#4 Maintenance

This is really important, but as a mechanics company, you probably know that. You don’t want to have the embarrassment of having a recovery truck break down while towing a car or on the way to the breakdown site. The sure way to lessen the chances of this happening is to keep your vehicles well managed, but as a mechanics company, you shouldn’t have any problems with doing this.

To wrap things up

When it comes to making sure that your fleet has what it needs to work fluently, you are going to need to focus on some important areas. These are things such as safety, marketing, and upkeep. All of these things can help your fleet work more effectively and can help your business thrive. In short, your fleet is a major part of an automotive business, so you need to make sure that you take care of it properly.


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