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Fans can find any kind of sport from basketball and swimming to American football and dog racing with the best online casino sport slots. Mostly these are five-reel slots with special win options. Some developers release slots dedicated to individual and international sporting events, clubs or ace athletes.

The most played sports slots use football, horse, tennis, hockey, golf, basketball, and boxing as the main theme. Some others showcase the career achievement path of famous sportsmen or grand events.

Common ground

Slots come in numerous types and themes but are easily brought down to a certain category, i.e. sports, due to features typical of the majority of them:

–  Sport slots usually have five reels, with numerous paylines

–  They have special symbols that bring on bonus options;

–  Additional gaming options are triggered during the gaming process: bonus games, free spins, risk game. Some slots play a jackpot.

Online casino sport slot design of five reels gives the developers way to implement numerous win options thus making the gameplay richer and more diverse. Free games on such slots are played on secondary screens and go beyond the standard pick me bonuses. They suggest a penalty shoot-out or advancement in the standings with more rewards.

Symbols used

Different types of sports slots use distinctive pictures conjuring up images of the selected type of rivalry. The hockey themed slots will come up with sticks, pucks, goalie masks and alike. The tennis themed slots will show balls and bats.

However, almost all sports slots feature symbols typical of most five-reel slots – the playing cards symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A which are simple or “cheap”. Combinations of these symbols bring payouts at low odds, while combinations of thematic symbols yield larger wins.

Story behind

In early twenties Jennings & Co designed arcade golf themed slots where the player tried to score the ball into the hole. You should have been properly skilled to play those. Later, slots manufacturers started using microprocessors and eventually designed sports slots as we know them.

Popular sports slots

The theme is extensive and covers games of wide sports selection. Thus, making up one’s mind about which ones are the best is not easy. Each sector features one or more games that are most played. Some of them are Basketball Star and Hot Shot slots by Microgaming, Golden Tour and Wild Games slots by Playtech, and Rally Hi-Lo by 1×2 Gaming.

Developers use themes not only to diversify their products. The sports theme makes it possible to use new formats and visual ways that attract freshmen. Since sports topic is not tied to a physical location of the player, online casino slots of this concern will keep the sports fans excited a long way down the road.

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