Spotting The Summer Sporting Trends

Summer is finally here and it’s that time of year where all the major sporting events take place: the Euros, Copa America, the summer Olympics and Wimbledon along with many other sporting events. 

This can result in new fashion trends, where you can find people in gyms wearing new football tops to show their support for their national team in one of the major international football tournaments. Or maybe some of the new trainers that are trending on social media because one of the athletes had a standout tournament at the Olympics while wearing them. 

Tops and T-shirts

One of the most common things people see during the summertime is tops showing support to the major sporting franchises or national teams who are favourites to win one of the major summer competitions. Normally around this time, major sporting franchises will be looking back to their success from the season just passed to get their fans ready for the new up and coming season, they will be releasing new sporting kits and ad campaigns with national teams doing deals with different brands to sell such things like limited edition t-shirts for their fans to proudly wear during their games. At major sporting events, getting fans ready for the party atmosphere for the upcoming euros and such, which can lead to the rise of people wearing new sports tops during the summer.

Multi Sleeves/ Snoods

While restrictions are starting to ease in Europe, the pandemic is still here and people still have to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus, leading to many companies coming up with creative ideas on how people can find more comfortable solutions when covering their faces. Companies like Bawbags with their Multi sleeves/snoods allow sports fans to cover their faces and still show their support for their sports team during these unprecedented times.


Another common thing you will also see during the summer season will be the rise of shorts,  due to the summer heat the shorts will give people the opportunity to free their legs and with a lot of modern sports, shorts are even designed to be waterproof and it gives people the opportunity to go for a swim in order to cool down during the heatwave.


With the sneaker industry soon becoming a billion-dollar industry, people will now more than ever be looking out for the next superstar at the major summer sporting events. Sneakers will be in high demand due to the athletes in the sport, making it very important for major sports companies to find the right athlete to promote their brand.

There are many factors that could start a summer sporting trend and every sporting company from your major sports company like Nike and Adidas to your small local sports shop around the corner will all be trying to compete to get ahead of the trend for this summer sporting events.  

Whatever you choose to wear this summer, athleisure and sportswear is an increasingly popular style! Which sporting event will inspire you this summer? 


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