Spring hairstyles and trends!

As springtime is coming upon us, we get the urge to change our style and dress up in the nice weather. This is the perfect time to revamp your hairstyle and try some of the new spring trends for this season. Depending on your hair length, color, and style you can go from subtle to bold change in no time at all.

For this spring we are mostly using Amika hair products which offer a various set of products for all the styles that you can come up with for your hair.

Springtime Effortless Waves

Some that we suggest for this season are effortless waves that show off your beautiful long hair and give a sense of playfulness to your days or nights out. You can achieve this style using a curling wand or iron to create loose, tousled waves. When you want to appear laid back and create a sense of carefree elegance this is the style that you should go for.

Bouncy Bob as Ideal Change

On the opposite side, for the ones that prefer shorted hair the bouncy bob is the ideal change that you need for this spring. This is the style that will make you look playful and youthful. After getting that bob haircut you can style your hair at home with loose curls or slick waves.

Braids Never Out of Style

Braids never get out of style and can always be added to your imagined look for the day. Whether it is a French braid or a Dutch braid it can fit in almost any occasion, from going to work, for a run, a night out with girls, or even some special occasions. If you are not that handy in creating your braids you can always learn Manocoblue hairdressing education offers you the perfect chances.

You can always go for different half-up-dos, bohemian braids, high ponytails, and buns, there are so many choices.

Color Games

Adding a new color to your hair in the springtime is always a good idea, you can get some soft shades like lavender, peach, baby blue, and rose gold for a dreamy touch to your hair.  Whether you prefer an all-over pastel color or subtle highlights, these colors will give you a unique look. It is always good to consult with a professional colorist for advice on the color that will compliment your skin tone best.

As spring always brings up a lot of colors and stimulates our experimental side it is always good to accessorize with new headbands and clips in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Play it up with the different styles and create a new unique look every day. Headbands with pearls or crystals will give you a touch of glamour, or choose colorful clips and barrettes to add a playful element to your hairstyle.

A major trend for this spring is going with your natural texture. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, you should celebrate it and let it shine through minimal styling. You can enhance your curls using a curl-defining cream or mousse which can be found in Amika hair products, or go for a more sleek and smooth look using a flat iron. Embracing your natural hair texture promotes healthy hair and it also saves you time and effort when getting ready this spring.

The perfect time to experiment with new looks and trends and refresh your hairstyle will be this spring. You can find a spring hairstyle that will fit your every occasion, no matter what you prefer. Always ask for help from your hairstylist if you have any doubts or are unsure about what will best complement your style, hair type, or face. Trust this will be the perfect time of the year to show off your vibrant spirit and uniqueness through a fresh and cute spring hairstyle.

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