Sprinkler vs. Water Mist System?

If you are planning to get a fire protection system, then you should know all your choices. According to current standards, two fire protection systems are popular choices for the vast majority. But we’re here to tell you that choosing one system over another might turn out to be beneficial. If you’re confused about which fire protection system to install, then worry not, as we’ve done a comprehension analysis on Sprinkler vs. Water mist system.

Let’s take a minute to understand both fire protection systems before getting into the comparison. 

What is a Water Mist System?

A water mist system is the advanced version of the sprinkler system – it disperses extremely fine water droplets that help in extinguishing the fire. These systems have turned out to be highly effective because tiny droplets help in displacing the oxygen needed for the fire to burn, and that’s not all; as these droplets heat up, they turn into water vapors that help to absorb heat. A water mist system uses less water compared to the typical water sprinkler system.

What is a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system is usually installed in high-hazard environments. In this system, all the sprinkler heads are always open, and when a fire is detected, water flows through these sprinkler heads to flood the entire area. These sprinkler heads are empty when not in use; the water is held back by a valve until the system starts working.

Although you might like the idea of flooding the affected area, the aftermath is quite troublesome. You’ll have to spend days and even weeks cleaning the water, and that’s not all; your furnishing and other electrical equipment, that might’ve survived, would be destroyed because of the water.

Now that you know both systems, it’s time to get into the comparison:

Water Usage

If you have an eco-friendly approach, then we suggest you go with the water mist system. The water requirement for a typical sprinkler system is almost ten times more than what is needed in a mist system. This makes the mist system easier to maintain, compact, reduces water damage, and there is little clean-up after such an event.

Sensitivity of the system

If you want quick reaction time, then we suggest you go for a water mist system as the nozzles in this system are equipped with thermal-sensitive bulbs which react to fire much faster than a typical sprinkler head. The water mist system is almost 2.5 times faster, making it the ideal choice for most hazardous environments.


By now you must’ve understood that the droplet size of the mist system is tiny and in micron size. Due to being very small in size, more droplets are generated quickly, which in turn cools the fire and absorbs the head, making sure that another fire or blast doesn’t happen. The droplet from the sprinkler head falls with gravity while the water mist system sprays the droplets at a much higher velocity.

Coverage area

The water mist system has a greater coverage area than the sprinkler system. The micron droplets disperse at a greater speed which allows them to cover a larger area. The steam which forms after the droplets make contact with fire expands 1L to 1640L, which works as an inert gas, changing the atmosphere directly around the fire so it can be extinguished. The sprinkler system has limitations when it comes to the coverage area. If you want your sprinkler system to cover more area, then you have to install more nozzles.

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