5 Steps To Set up an Online Jewellery Business

Below are 5 tips that can help you set up an online jewellery store and start making an impact in the digital space.

1. Get Organized Ahead of Launch

If you already have a well-established jewellery business but lack a strong digital presence, now is the best time to begin categorizing the designs you have into product lines such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Another option is groping them into specific collections that carry certain similarities in style.

You could also prepare in advance by numbering or naming your products so as to make sure your orders can be easily tracked once an online customer makes a purchase.

It is also a good time to hire a good product photographer to take product photos of your existing designs to post online. Make sure the pictures of each product are detailed and professional so that your online clients will be able to see all your jewellery with clarity. 

2. Manage the Legal Aspect

There are several significant legal considerations that you should put into consideration before you set up your online jewellery store. To start, choose a trading name and look into your tax responsibilities as a registered business (that’s if you have not yet gotten to doing so)

As a jeweller whose work involves dealing with precious metals, you simply have to make sure your precious metal pieces are correctly hallmarked at an assay office – that’s if its weight is not below the threshold for that specific metal. 

If you need details and info on how you can register online jewellery business, make a point to reach out to the nearest assay office in Sheffield, London, or Birmingham for further assistance on the same.

3. Make Time for Your Design Production

It almost goes without saying that it can be quite hard succeeding in your online ventures if you do not have a cohesive jewellery collection. As such, it is fundamentally critical that setting up a digital jewellery business does not distract you from the regular production of your quality silver jewellery

As you set out on this journey, it may appear more convenient if you provided your customers with a variety of choices. However, if you want you online jewellery business to create a reputation as an established designer with their unique style, you need to create collections that carry their own identity so as to set you apart from the novices in the industry.

4. Begin the Web Development Process

Stuck on deciding if Etsy or a custom website is the best choice for your online jewellery store? That’s very understandable. 

While digital marketplaces like Etsy and eBay provide compelling benefits, if you want to build a fully customized digital presence then having your own website is a more professional option for your online growth, especially one that’s designed with your customers’ needs in mind. 

If you have limited experience in building and managing your website, there are third party services available that can provide the framework of a functional website as well as support services for when you encounter technical issues. 

Look into the packages provided by each platform including additional services they can offer in regards to support or email and social media integration. This can give you a clear picture as to which platform offers you the best value for money.

Getting your website design is not an exact science but there are a few fundamentals you might need to factor in. For instance, you need to ensure that your landing page gives website visitors information about your services in a brief but compelling manner. Make sure you highlight your best and most popular designs on your homepage.

You also need to ensure that your product pages are designed professionally and that there’s enough data to push your customers into making a buying decision. Your contact details should be easy to locate should clients need to reach out to you with questions or complaints. Provide both phone and email contact if possible.

5. Set up Your Shopping Cart 

The purpose of setting up an online jewellery business is to motivate sales and business growth so it’s critical that you get your online checkout experience right from the get-go. 

If your hosting services provider does not include a merchant service as part of their web hosting package, you should consider integrating a PayPal checkout system. It’s simple to set up and straightforward for customers to use. 

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However, bear in mind that PayPal will take a small percentage from each transaction made. But you won’t have to access your customer’s card data so your customers will have stronger trust in the transaction process.

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