Storm Reid Parents

Are you also interested in learning more about the brilliant young actress Storm Reid and her parents, who have supported her throughout her remarkable career? We’ll explain how Storm Reid parents supported their teen movie star daughter’s career and helped her land leading roles in blockbuster films like 12 Years A Slave and Euphoria! 

Who is Storm Reid? 

Who is Storm Reid? 

American adolescent idol Storm Reid was born on July 1st, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia. Robyn Simpson Reid and Rodney Reid, the parents of little starlet Storm Reid, are devoted parents to their youngest child.

Acting Career

Storm Reid began her acting career when she was cast in the movie 12 Years a Slave. The young woman was recognized for her unwavering skill as she advanced at the impressionable age of 9 years, with the support of her parents, who encouraged her to bring her dream of being a child star into reality.

Net worth

With a net worth of an estimated $1 million, Storm Reid has realized a dream that many teenagers wouldn’t dare attempt, let alone have the support Storm Reid parents have provided her since she was a young child beginning in the fast-paced world of Hollywood. 

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How have Storm Reid Parents Have Been Her Support? 

Since Storm Reid was a little child, her parents, father Rodney Reid and mother Rodyn Reid, have recognized her affinity for performing. Storm Reid, his youngest lucky star daughter, made a short film titled Poultry and Prejudice in 2004, shortly after her mother, Reid, became heavily involved in the film industry. Storm Reid’s mother, Robyn Simpson Reid, has the position of executive director, and the young star frequently travels to movie and television show premieres with her mother despite the fact that her father has no known affiliation with the performing industry.

Storm Reid Mother

As the actress further remarked, “My mom has always said, if I didn’t want to do it [acting], then I could just quit, but I haven’t wanted to.” Storm Reid parents have not been in any way exploiting or, worse, dominating their young daughter. That seems to be everyone’s perspective. Storm Reid parents only assisted her in recognizing her true talent and put their faith in her young course towards a vast, life-changing career. This, combined with her personal decision to pursue her undergraduate degree at the same time, tells about her passionate journey. 

Even Storm Reid’s mother can be seen beaming in a picture as she accepts this wonderful present! Storm Reid wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo that she had imagined her mother’s reaction each time she had considered giving her mother, Robyn Reid, this opulent home. She also praised God for returning the money she had earned through her labors and those of her parents.

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