Styles of Hinges

Styles of Hinges

Hinges are defined as mechanical bearing devices that connect two solid objects and allow them to rotate about a fixed axis. These devices are used for several applications, including window shutters, doors and lids etc.

Hinges are available with a variety of product specifications, such as decorative and functional purpose, external vs. internal placement, mounting style, restrictions and load capacity as well. There are many different kinds and styles of hinges available in the market. 

Butt Hinges:

The most commonly used hinge type is Butt Hinges which consists of two plates. Normally, these types and Styles of Hinges are applied for attaching doors, windows, panels, and lids.

European Hinges:

These hinges are commonly used  in both frameless and face frame cabinets and they are internally applied.  These types of cabinet hinges provide various features (e.g., soft and quiet close) and are appropriate for a wide range of door Styles of Hinges ranging from flush inset to corner doors. These hinges also allow adjustment of the cabinet door placement against the frame of the cabinet using a set of adjustment screws placed on each hinge.  

Pivot Hinges:

These types of hinges are used for doors. They rotate around a single pivot point. Unlike most hinges like butt hinges these types and Styles of Hinges are normally applied at a distance from the edge of the frame above and below the door, rather than on the sides, permitting the hardware to be concealed and in some situations, it allows the door to move in both directions.

Spring Hinges:

These hinges are made with an integrated spring component which makes them appropriate for applications that need the door or panel to be kept in an open or closed position. Double action spring hinges are applied for interior applications as their design permits movement in both directions.

Benefits of Soft Close Hinges: 

If you are thinking about renewing your kitchen, then you should choose soft close hinges for your kitchen cabinets. There are many benefits that can be achieved from these hinges. Some of them are as follows: 

* Extend Cabinets’ Life

If you applied soft close hinges, they lessen the level of wear and tear put on your cabinets and hinges. When drawers and doors are closed in a soft way, it allows minimize stress applied on the cabinet. Moreover, these hinges check marks, cracks, and dents from forming on cabinet frames and they also reduce friction against hinges.

* Provide Peace and Quiet

The benefits of soft close hinges are more than extending your cabinets’ useful life. Applying soft close hinges allows you and your family with much-required calmness. When shutting your cabinet’s door, it will slide silently and will not disturb you with unnecessary sound. This feature works superbly if you have children that apply excess force to close the cabinets.

* Provide Safety

Another benefit of installing soft close cabinet hinges is that they provide more safety to users. As they take some time to close your cabinet, they help hinder your fingers from getting hurt. Moreover, by using soft close hinges, you can be able to keep fragile products in place and prevent damage.

* High-End Upgrade

Calmness, safety, and longevity are terms commonly related with luxury. There is a best reason behind this, because you generally get what you pay for when it comes to kitchen cabinetry and even other characteristics. After using heavy money in getting cabinets with a soft close mechanism, they will last for a long duration. Furthermore, they add an extra touch of grace and smoothness, which cannot be achieved with cabinets that slam shut with a loud sound. Apart from providing your kitchen with a stylish and modern look, these hinges are very attractive.

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