Technological Trends Transforming iGaming Industry in the UK

For those who died a century ago, if they miraculously work up to our today’s world, they would describe what is happening in our world as a miracle or magic. Yes, I am talking about this behemoth in the room- technology.

Technology has disrupted all the industries in the world and changed the way people do things. In all those industries, the common denominator is tech. And considering the perks that come with it, you would be stupid not to join the bandwagon. Well, anyway, do you have a choice?

The iGaming industry is no stranger to technological milestones. For the past few years, it has made significant strides to make its services more accessible to the general public. The global market share is projected to grow at a 5.9% pace yearly to reach $565.4 billion by 2022. Here are technological trends that are fueling the gambling industry in the UK.

  • Hybrid iGaming experience through VR

As the name suggests, hybrid games are a mix of land-based and online casino games. There has been a growing popularity of these games recently. With the help of a live dealer, a gamer can feel the buzz of online games and, at the same time, come more closer to a real casino thrill.

Most UK slot sites have already started to incorporate AV and VR into their games in order to boost player engagement. Incorporating the two technologies enables a player to be in the ‘same room’ as the people they are competing with.

  • Advanced cybersecurity

Security is a major concern in many industries dealing with consumer data and carrying out major transactions, be it private, public or even government organizations (do you remember Solarwinds hack?). So, due to the number of transactions and personal data involved in online casinos, cybersecurity has been given a specifically intense concern by all the players involved.

Luckily, cybersecurity is always some strides away from cyberattacks. For instance, integration of blockchain technology in payment methods makes iGaming industry enviable by most industries when it comes to security client payments as well as data.

  • Big data

Big data is unquestionably one of the greatest technological milestones of the last decade. Obtaining, analyzing, and extracting relevant information from huge data wasn’t always as easy as today.

So how does this benefit the iGaming industry? In the case of casino games, getting the relevant information specific to a player can help offer a unique gaming experience. Each gamer has special talents and may prefer to indulge in particular games. So, a better understanding of the player may help customize casino games and help boost his gaming experience.

Besides, big data can help casinos track down casino metrics such as how often a particular game is being played and which ones aren’t being played. The casino can either enhance or get rid of those with low traffic and bring more variations that interests players more.

  • Artificial intelligence to enhance user experience

AI is the norm in most industries today, and the iGaming industry is not an exception. For instance, it is being used in video games to help machines react to players’ moves and make decisions. This enhances the customer’s experience by making the interaction more realistic.

It is also used to prevent fraud by tracking player eligibility in offline and online gambling dens. For instance, powerful sensors and AI software can identify changes in appearances and notify the authority to inspect this suspicious behavior


Every day, technology is growing and so do its applications across multiple industries. Like the other industries, the iGaming industry can improve customer experience and make betting more secure by employing the latest technology.



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