Technology and sports: how safety stirrups can improve safety of equestrians

Riding horses is a risky, though highly entertaining, sport. This skill-filled sport requires riders to make quick decisions and to overcome situations that can be challenging or even dangerous. After all, horses are wild prey animals that rely on their instincts more than anything else.

Both amateur and professional riders are aware of the risks of the sport, thus always taking the precautions needed to ensure their own (and their horses’) safety. A helmet, good gloves, and safe boots are always at the top of a rider’s list, but there is something else that every rider should consider: safety stirrups.

Safety stirrups can reduce risk of injury

They say that riding horses is safe – as long as you don’t fall off. And this is true to a certain extent. When a rider falls off a horse, there is a risk of injury in many ways. A helmet has been designed to protect the rider’s head, and a safety vest protects the rider’s spine, chest, and ribcage.

However, there is another risk factor that riders have to consider: getting stuck in the stirrups. If the rider falls and gets stuck in the stirrups, there is a chance that the horse will panic and bolt, dragging the rider behind itself.

This can cause a serious injury to the rider.

Thus, safety stirrups were created to reduce the risk of such an event. The purpose of safety stirrups is to release the rider’s foot and to ensure that the rider will not get dragged behind the horse. There are many different kinds of safety stirrups on the market and each of them feature their own safety mechanisms.

Ophena manufactures innovative safety stirrups

Ophena is a Swedish company that started its journey some years back. Their goal was simple: to create unique and innovative safety stirrups with utmost safety in mind. Their first stirrup model, Ophena S, has received over 1300 five-star reviews over the years, thanks to modern technology and patented innovations.

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro are magnetic safety stirrups with open design that have been developed to increase safety when riding horses. The open side allows the rider’s foot to release while the magnetic connection keeps the rider’s foot in place during the ride.

Their newest innovation is Ophena A, a safety stirrup that utilizes patent-pending 360° double safety release technology. The outer side of the stirrup is closed by a piece of silicone that is anchored at two points, allowing it to release when pressure is applied. It also features integrated dampening which absorbs harder impacts.


By utilizing safety stirrups with a reliable safety mechanism, equestrians can significantly increase their safety when riding horses. Safety stirrups are just as important as a helmet or a safety vest when riding, no matter the discipline or experience level.

Ophena’s innovative safety stirrup technology and patents have changed the world: you can buy your own magnetic safety stirrups exclusively at

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