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Communication has long been a part of our daily lives. Every day we read news, send a lot of messages, share photos and videos, funny videos. More often than not, specialised applications it is messengers that help us and simplify the process of message transmission. One of the most popular messengers at the moment is Telegram. But what if the functions of the official messenger are not enough to cover all the needs of demanding users? This is where client applications come to the rescue. 

Client applications are applications that are very similar to the main versions of applications, but they add additional features that are often not available in the main applications. Today we’re going to have a look at a few client apps of the famous messenger Telegram, we’ll see what functions you should look at new apps for. Let’s start with applications that expand the general capabilities of Telegram messenger. 

Nicegram app 

The app includes new features while retaining the basic functions and design of the official Telegram app. How to use Nicegram? Very simple, because the app has almost the same design as the original Telegram, but you will also find additional features in this app:

  • instant message translation right in the chat correspondence, this function is realised with the help of artificial intelligence,
  • forwarding messages without specifying the author, 
  • viewing messages without marking them as read, 
  • adding tabs and folders, 
  • suggestions for quick replies to messages,
  • creating up to seven accounts simultaneously.

iMe Messenger application

iMe Messenger looks similar to the official Telegram application. The app also includes interesting functions, they are more focused on cryptocurrency transactions. The following features are available in iMe Messenger: 

  • flexible customisation of the app design,
  • cryptocurrency wallet functions, with its help you can exchange cryptocurrency right in the app, 
  • sorting chats by topic
  • add music and save tracks, 
  • translate a message from a foreign language directly in the correspondence
  • a bot connected to artificial intelligence, which can generate automatic responses to messages. 

Apart from smartphone apps, you can also add a new icon to your laptop. For example, the Bettergram app. This is one of the most popular clients for Telegram for computers, the app allows you to: 

  • pin up to 50 chats instead of five as in the original Telegram,
  • sort messages by categories and topics,
  • tag important messages
  • manage cryptocurrency 

Coming back to smartphone apps, there are many apps that help you manage content, simplify the process of studying it. For example, the Vidogram app.

This app is aimed at those who like to use Telegram for entertainment. In the app, you will find:

  • an inbuilt IPTV function, 
  • the ability to listen to music from all the channels you’re subscribed to,
  • create playlists of the tracks you like,
  • in the application itself, you can play video games,
  • create a folder with news channels, 
  • send a confirmation request to send a message,
  • convert a voice message into a text message right in the chat, 
  • create hidden chats with a password to enter. 

Some apps specialise not in extending features, but in introducing new, completely unusual ones. For example, Graph Messenger is known for its privacy and data protection features. In the app, you will find the following features: 

  • an alert that notifies you when a certain person comes online,
  • the ability to change your voice when sending voice messages, 
  • the ability to hide chats and channels, you can open these chats only after entering a password, 
  • creation of 100 active accounts at the same time, 
  • downloading files from several sources at the same time, 
  • display all media files from chats on one page, 
  • ability to create chats and collect them by categories,
  • chronological display of messages from channels,
  • edit images directly in the chat,
  • enable auto-replies for certain contacts directly in the chat. 

To summarise, client applications of the widespread messenger Telegram are diverse, but the purpose of their creation is to extend the functionality of the main application. Client applications specialise either in extending existing functionality or emphasise a particular aspect. For example, there are apps that specialise in extending content ingestion features, while some emphasise privacy in the use of a popular messenger. In any case, you need to decide which app to install based on the functions you need.

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