As of right now, there are plenty of FB downloader apps available for Android and PC, some even come with free . Facebook gives us the opportunity to share our experiences, thoughts, and information to the world. It’s a great tool for sharing . Every day we see hundreds of images and videos shared by our friends on our timeline . 

Today I’ll be sharing some Facebook video downloaders tools to help you get Facebook videos in different quality without any difficulty

So, Let’s get started…

1. Snapsave facebook video downloader is a tool that supports downloading facebook videos, allowing you to download fb videos with the world’s first full HD, 2K, 4K video resolutions.

Download and save facebook videos to your phone, computer with best quality for free. Device Support: Android like Samsung, Xiaomi…; IOS like Iphone, Ipad , MacBook…; PC; tablet.


Step 1: Right click on copy the video link you need to download on your personal device, download the live video broadcast live stream on the facebook application can also be downloaded. For example :

Step 2: Go to and fill in the toolbar “Paste video URL”. Note the correct URL to avoid saving the wrong Facebook video to your device.

Step 3: Select the video resolution where you want to save the facebook video. Once the video has been saved, the web will say “Your video has been downloaded successfully”.

Step 4: Double click on “Download” to start downloading the fb video to your computer.

2. AhaChat facebook downloader


Steps to using AhaChat:

Step 1: Access the video downloader at the link:

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Facebook video link you want to download into the textbox. then select the Download button.

Step 3: Select the quality of the video you want to download.

Step 4: Right-click and select Save video as, type the video name, and save it to the device.

Advantages of the video downloader at AhaChat:

There are 3 download options: HD quality, SD quality and Audio for users to choose from AhaChat has no ads, so the web is smooth and high quality. AhaChat allows downloading Facebook videos without installation.

3. Download clip from facebook using is a fb downloader familiar tool to download facebook videos to your computer. This is a tool to download online videos from sources such as facebook, youtube with simple operations. The web’s interface is quite simple, using easy-to-understand Vietnamese language, so any user can use it. You just need to follow the steps below to download your desired video immediately to your computer:

Step 1; Access the link

Step 2: Copy the video link you want to download and paste into the dialog box.

Step 3: Select the quality of the Video you want to download

Step 4: Press the download button.

Advantages of downloading facebook videos with

You can download most videos from facebook, youtube . Simple interface, easy to use and HD, MP4, WEBM video quality for you to choose.


4. Fbdown facebook downloader 


Fbdown is a high quality free fb downloader that many users choose. The tool has a user-friendly interface that is easy for new internet users. In addition, the speed of downloading facebook videos using this tool is considered to be quite good compared to other tools.

Steps to download facebook videos with Fbdown tool:

Step 1: Access the tool via the link:

Step 2: Open the video you want to download, copy the link (link URL).

Step 3: Paste the link into the Enter Facebook Video URL and press Enter.

Step 4: Select video quality: Normal Quality, HD and other options

Step 5: Select a folder to save the file to finish downloading the video.

Advantages of the Fbdown tool:

High quality video . Video download speed is quite fast .Tool is easy to use with almost any audience using the Internet


5. Getfvid facebook video downloader


Getfvid is a Facebook HD video downloader online, allowing users to download videos easily and quickly. The way to download videos is quite simple, so anyone can do it just with an Internet connection. This is a free tool, no registration or login required takes time. Steps to download facebook videos with Getfvid:

Step 1: Access the tool via the link 

Step 2: Open the facebook video you want to download and copy the URL link.

Step 3: Paste the link into the dialog box as instructed and click Download

Step 4: Select video quality: HD, MP3, Normal Quality

Step 5: Select the folder to save the video to finish

Advantages of the Getfivid tool:

Fast download speed . There are qualities to choose from, suitable for all devices . It’s free to use with no registration required.


6. Download fb video with Plugin on Chrome


This is a very convenient fb downloader because a lot of people are using chrome right now, and do not need to move to another website to download facebook videos, which can be done directly and very simply. Chrome’s video downloader app helps users to download free and fast, with 2 video resolutions in medium and HD. First of all go to the link:

Next click on “Add to Chrome” = >> Select “Add add-on (Add add-on)”. Then do the following:


Step 1: When you watch a video on your facebook account and want to download it, click on the video downloader, there will be 2 video resolution options: Normal or HD

* Note: you can also get live video while live stream on facebook app.

Step 2: Click download to start saving the facebook video to your device.


7. WinX Video Converter: Multi-purpose video downloader

WinX Video Converter is a free software that can help download and convert videos on Windows computers. This tool is quite powerful as it can help you download 4K, HD or even 8K videos on Youtube, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more than 1000+ other websites.

8. HitPaw Tookit: Effective video editing tool

HitPaw Tookit is an online video cutter tool that allows you to create your own video. You can use it to crop, crop & rotate, adjust, speed up videos or even add music to videos, stop motion, convert videos to GIF and more.


9.Use the Facebook Video Downloader utility


If you are using the Chrome browser and want to download facebook videos, you can use the FB Downloader tool. This is a utility that allows users to download videos on facebook, download live streaming videos, the way to do it very neatly, just once added to Chrome to use.


Step 1. You access => then select + Chrome Extension

Step 2. A new window will appear, you continue to click Add to Chrome => then click Add extension

Step 3. Immediately the extension was added to Chrome.

Step 4. You choose and play the video, then click on the icon of FB Downloader, then select the quality of the video you want to download => click Download.

Step 5. A new browser tab will appear immediately, click Download your video.


10. Download Video Facebook IDM


Perhaps many users now know this utility, IDM is not only a software that allows us to download videos from any website, including Facebook, but also supports most browsers today. IDM is a powerful software with fast download speed, automatically catches download links and many other outstanding features.


This is copyrighted software, but you can find the copyrighted version on the Internet, details on how to download facebook videos by IDM will be available shortly.


Step 1. You need to download IDM to your computer here.


Step 2. Run the IDM setup program, and click Next.


Step 3. You follow the instructions to complete the installation of IDM.


Step 4. As soon as IDM is successfully installed, the IDM Module will be automatically added to the browser.

11. Download FaceBook videos using the “SaveFrom.Net!” browser


Method 1: To download facebook videos without exiting the current website to the device you are using, you need to install “SaveFrom.Net” first.


To start downloading you need to make sure that SaveFrom.Net is integrated. Just click on the green button when hovering over. When you see a check mark and wait, the extension will check and give the video resolution to choose from.


Method 2: Download facebook videos directly via the SaveFrom.Net video download web address


With only 3 extremely simple steps:

Step 1: Copy the video URL

Copy the video’s URL from the bar to the web address. Right click and click Copy.


Step 2: Paste the URL into the toolbox on the application website to download the SaveFrom.Net video

The process of saving facebook videos will happen automatically, if not, press the search button to find the video you want to download.

Step 3: Select the video resolution you want

Before using SaveFrom.Net facebook video download, we can choose the format and definition of the available video. Just click on the list before downloading and choose your favorites from the drop-down list.


12. SnapTube facebook downloader

The most trusted app is used by more than a million people every month. It has a simple user interface that is organized by platforms including YouTube and Facebook.


How to Download Video From Facebook through Snaptube?

  1. Open the Snaptube app and tap on the Facebook icon.
  2. Now login with your Facebook account.
  3. Now, whenever you find a video that you want to download, click on the download button appearing below the video.
  4. Choose the video resolution and download the media
  5. Done!!

13. Keepvid

The Keepvid Video Download app allows you to choose what resolution you would like your video downloaded. After downloading the videos to your phone, they automatically store in its internal memory.


How to save a video from Facebook through Keepvid?

  1. Open the app and visit Facebook
  2. Click on the download button appearing near the video.
  3. Choose your desired video resolution
  4. Select the file where you want to store the video
  5. Done!!

Hopefully through this article, you have yourself the fastest and easiest way to download videos from Facebook.

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