The advantages and disadvantages of living in a gated community in Lahore

Living in a big metropolis like Lahore takes work. It has many moving parts: the rush, the liveliness, and the housing communities built to last. When one thinks of living in Lahore, one thinks of big buildings and roads full of cars, honking, and sirens, right? But for me, as one of the best architects and construction service providers in Lahore societies.

So today we will discuss the most important aspects of living in a gated community, its advantages and disadvantages and what your decision should be based on. You can consider these factors.


Living in a gated community like DHA, Lak City and Bahria Town, to name a few, is advantageous for many reasons. Here are the top 4 advantages of living in a gated community

  1. Security

Living in a gated community gives you a sense of security, which is very important for any family. The entry and exit of the societies are controlled so the administration can manipulate the security as per the needs. Change the rules and may allow or disallow people inside the premises. This may be your biggest factor if you are a family man and have children.

  1. Amenities

Usually, gated communities have the best amenities. They offer proper sanitation services and underground water pipes. They also get priority gas connections and sometimes exclusive access to power infrastructure, making it a lucrative lifestyle option for those who don’t want to wait for things.

  1. Infrastructure

Gated communities also have infrastructure that matches your lifestyle. For example, a well-developed road infrastructure and underground wiring make it a clean living. Similarly, access to markets and big brands offers more discounts and a better shopping experience.

  1. Value appreciation

The most lucrative of all these is the appreciation of land and houses. A gated community guarantees a massive return on investment as people prefer to invest more in something they value than something accessible to everyone.


Like all things, gated communities do have their downside. Some of them are:

  1. Exclusion

Gated communities are exclusive. Their access is to very limited people and may cut the people from the rest of the community. People may view those living in gated communities as someone not from the community; thus, a negative perception develops. This is one reason why the people in gated communities are homogenous- the same type and status. 

  1. Cost

The cost of living in a gated community is always high. More types of fees and maintenance charges make it a high maintenance life. Secondly, the land and houses in a gated community tend to cost more than those in other areas. The land appreciation also brings a lot of other charges, such as community fees. 

  1. High Impact on the Environment

Gated communities tend to use more land and space, which negatively impacts the environment. The resources required for maintaining a high-end exclusive society and the energy it uses make it the biggest contributor to environmental degradation. Additionally, the gated communities can only be placed outside the city, so they change the green farmable land to brown land, thus contributing to food supply chain instability.


As the best construction company in Lahore, Hadesignstudio has developed several houses in gated communities. These houses show her class and the taste of the people who own them, and we are proud developers to earn their trust. Our services are focused on quality and cost-effectiveness, making us the best in town. For more details and construction-related information, visit our office in Lake City, DHA Phase 8 or Garden Town Lahore. 

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