With all that we have to do on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that the body and mind crave a relief from the strains of daily work in the form of a therapeutic and soothing massage. While it is instinctive to rub and caress the sore muscles of our own body, these results can be greatly improved by a skilled or even semi-skilled massage therapist.

There is hardly a gift that would be more appreciated by your significant other than a soothing massage. The therapeutic and beneficial rudiments of massage can be learned by just about anyone and can be used to create an intimate moment between you and your significant other while relieving them of the stress and tension of their day.

Here is what you need to learn about giving a simple and very satisfactory massage. The following guide contains tips from the experts that can be applied to your loved one and they can learn it as well — so that the benefits of massage are provided mutually.


It all begins with a soothing and relaxing setting. It is essential to create a setting that is perfect for deep relaxation. Take a bath to relax with bath bombs from CBD Supply UK. Light candles, draw the curtains, light and incense and play some especially soothing music. Above all, make sure both you and your partner have shut off their cellphones and removed anything else that could be considered a distraction.


Don’t underestimate the special advantage that can come from the proper use of massage oils. While light friction at the very beginning can warm the muscles and tissues, when it comes to rolling, kneading and manipulating soft muscle tissue, massage oils can greatly reduce friction and allow for a smoother and more relaxing feel. Choose something like LVWell Massage Oil, sweet almond oils, olive oils or sunflower oil if you have nothing else. Make sure you warm the oil in your hands before you apply it to the person being massaged.


Take your massage oils to the next level by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Certain essential oils, like lavender, rose and chamomile oils are especially fragrant and suitable. You can even choose essential oils that have healing and therapeutic properties. Cinnamon essential oils warm the skin and tissues, Tea tree oil boosts skin health and eucalyptus oils are especially good for relaxing strained and tired muscles.



The person who will be receiving the massage should be lying down on a firm yet comfortable surface. Not everyone has a dedicated massage table in their house, but a bed, the floor and even a table with pads or blankets will work just fine. Their arms must be laid down along their sides and their head to one side. You can place a rolled-up towel under the shoulder the person is facing so there is not too much strain on the neck.

Standing or kneeling alongside the person being massaged will allow you to apply body weight to the massage so that you are not wearing out your muscles.  Begin by adding a few drops of oil to your hand and rubbing it briskly till it is warm, don’t be stingy with the massage oil. If you are using something natural, it is very good for the skin.

Now we begin with the “effleurage” — from the French word meaning “to skim” — this involves the long fluid strokes over the entire back along the length of the muscles in fluid strokes. This will warm the entire back and prepare for the next massage stage.

Petrissage” , from the French word meaning “to knead”, involves kneading and rubbing the muscles with the base of hand and fingers. You can even use your elbow, just be very gentle with the pressure applied. You will want to spend at least 30 seconds on each section of muscles. Be sure to not lift the skin as this will not feel good, just apply pressure with hands, fingers and forearms to alternate pressure from one set of muscles to another.

Place your hand in a loose fist and travel slowly up either side of the spinal column. Be careful not to apply pressure to the spine itself.


To massage the neck and shoulders, your partner can be sitting in a chair or lying down. Begin on one side of the neck moving the hand up and down the neck gently squeezing and releasing the flesh as you go. Then, you will use both hands positioned on either side of the neck. Use circular motions to rub up and down the neck with fingers or the base of the hand. This should be done from the base of the skull all the way down to the shoulders.

Now, place the hands on the head and begin massaging the base of the skull. Now use your fingertips to begin massaging the entire neck in small circles just like shampooing the head and scalp. As an extra bonus, rub the outer edges of the ears with index finger and thumb. Finish this by gently (GENTLY) pulling the ears away from the scalp.


The person getting the massage can now lie face upwards or if you will only be addressing the hands and feet, they can be sitting in a chair. The muscles of the legs and arms can be addressed in the same ways you did with the back, i.e. effleurage and petrissage. As you avoid the spine on the back, you will also want to avoid applying pressure to the joints and bones — massage is for soft tissue only.

To massage the hands, begin by gently rubbing and twisting the fingers individually from the base of the finger to the tip of the nail. Then gently pull the finger away from the hand (GENTLY).  Next massage the palm of the thumbs while supporting the back of the hand with fingers and palm.  Finally, clench your fist and massage the hand gently with your knuckles in a twisting motion.

The same basic plan will apply to the feet as well. Place your thumbs on the sole of the foot while supporting the foot with the fingers. Use small circular motions to apply pressure to the softer parts of the foot as you work your way to the heel and back up to the toes. Finally complete the exercises by clenching your fist and rubbing the soles of the foot in circular motions.

You have now reached the end of the massage and arguably the most important part. Complete the exercise with gentle light strokes with the fingertips and nails across all the body that has been massaged — yes! This can tickle on the feet so use pressure properly. Provide the massaged person with a drink of  water and encourage them to rest for at least 5 minutes before getting up.

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