The Best BJJ Gis for Beginners

If you are still in the early stages of your Brazillian Jiu Jitsu practice, you might be searching for a gi that accommodates your needs as a beginner. Luckily, we’ve got a collection of perfect gis for beginners right here!

What makes a gi good for BJJ beginners?

Strictly speaking, there is no definitive beginners’ gi – if you wish, you can purchase any gi from our collection and it will be perfect for you. However, many Brazillian Jiu Jitsu beginners, who aren’t yet sure if they will continue the sport to a higher level, want a simple gi that does the job. 

Beginners’ BJJ gis are ideally lightweight, good quality, sweat wicking and a comfortable, well-cut fit. 

Here are some of the best BJJ gis for beginners!

HABROK Ragnar The Viking Warrior Gi | Men | Pugnator Series | BJJ GI | Black

Element BJJ Gi Ultra Lightweight

The Element BJJ Gi is made with ultra lightweight materials for a comfortable practice at beginner level. This gi is available in three smart colours: white, royal blue and black. 

What makes the Element BJJ Gi perfect for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu beginners? Firstly, this gi is sewn with rip-resistant technology, making it ideal for those who haven’t got their skills down to an art just yet. 

In addition, the 350 GSM pearl weave material is extremely lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about overheating during your first few weeks or months of training. This Element BJJ Gi is a cost-effective purchase for beginners, but it still maintains a high quality of fit, material and style. 

Tatica Leve Premium Ultra Lightweight Gi

The Tatica Leve Premium Ultra Lightweight Gi doesn’t disappoint at any level, but for beginners, this is the best Jiu-Jitsu Gi. As far as BJJ gis go, the Tatica Leve gi combines professional-level materials, sweat-wicking and fit, at a lower price than competition gis.

The pants of this gi are infused with ripstop technology that protects high-stress areas while you practice jiu jitsu. The minimal design is ideal for BJJ beginners – you’ll appear ready to work and respectful, without standing out too much. 

At a low price for high quality, the Tatica Leve Premium is one of the best gis available for beginners!

Element BJJ Kids Gi

If one of your kids is beginning to practice BJJ on a regular basis, you may be looking for the perfect gi for them. Kids grow very quickly, meaning you are likely searching for a high quality, cost-effective gi that is suitable for your child!

The Element BJJ Kids Gi is a prime example of ticking every single box for BJJ beginners. With multi layer reinforcement and high quality cotton, these breathable kids BJJ gis are just the ticket for young BJJ enthusiasts!

Available in blue, black and white, the Element BJJ Kids Gi is not one to miss! These BJJ gis tick all your boxes without giving your bank account too much of a hit!

Final Thoughts

Are you just getting started on your BJJ journey? Use our helpful guide to find the perfect BJJ gi for beginners!