The Best Destinations to Visit for Wildlife Lovers

If you are one of many animal lovers who want to combine your love of wildlife with travel, you might be eager to find the best spots to visit. Yet, you will likely want to explore destinations dedicated to ensuring animals aren’t exploited and instead focus on protecting them from stress or pain.

The good news many destinations across the world will allow you to view animals in a natural, stress-free, and protective environment. Here are the best destinations to visit for wildlife lovers.

Phuket, Thailand

You will never forget a morning visit to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket. You will have an opportunity to closely interact with free-roaming, retired-working elephants that have escaped abuse to live in this incredible sanctuary, which provides them with the freedom, happiness, and good health they deserve.

During your visit, you can touch, feed, and interact with the elephants while learning more about their behaviours and lifestyles. Also, you will have an opportunity to get more than a little muddy with the beautiful animals at the nearby mud spa before helping to bathe and brush them while they play in the water. It’s an experience you will treasure throughout your life.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the best destinations on the planet for watching whales and orcas in their natural habitats. The city is home to various national parks that allow locals and tourists to watch the migration of humpback whales from May to November. You could also step onto a cruise to safely observe the beautiful experience up close.

Cancun, Mexico

Unlike the 59 countries that keep dolphins in captivity, you can visit the beautiful aquatic mammals in a natural setting at Sian Ka’na Nature Reserve in Cancun. Also, you can view marine turtles and approximately 500 fish species at this World Heritage Site. Organise a boat tour to watch the marine life from a distance or put on a wetsuit and snorkel to get up close to the animals in a beautiful, natural setting. It is an unforgettable activity that will become a highlight of a fun trip to picturesque Cancun.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

If you want to dedicate an entire trip to wildlife encounters, make your way to the Amazon Rainforest, as it is home to more than 3 million species. You will have an opportunity to view many animals you might never have encountered before, such as sloths, armadillos, jaguars, chameleons, crocodiles, geckos, and more. Of course, you must ensure you ethically visit the Amazon Rainforest by hiring a reputable, well-trained tour guide to avoid exploitative tourism.

Isla Martillo, Argentina

Penguin fans must visit Isla Martillo at least once in their lives. The stunning animals mate on the stunning island on Argentina’s Beagle Channel from October to April each year. The docile creatures are unlikely to be spooked by your presence, allowing you to enjoy a close-up animal encounter. However, the island limits the number of visitors to protect its animals and preserve its environment.

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