The Best Rainbow hacks and tricks that work

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the popular first-person and tactical shooter games in the market. Rainbow’s accessibility and simplicity have led players to be addicted to the game.

The game is not about rewarding blind shooting or reckless play. Instead, the game demands patience and waiting for the best shot. Rainbow is more of a strategy-based game, which can be challenging for the players.

Click here to sign up for Battlelog’s undetected R6 Hacks. Your character will get killed immediately on rushing in guns blazing. It will help if you take a systematic approach to defend or attack a bomb site that could end survival. Here are some of the best Rainbow hacks and tricks that work.

Be slow and steady

Rainbow is divided into short rounds, putting pressure on the players to rush towards the objective as an attacker. You will get a three-minute period that is enough to frame a strategy behind your approach.

Holding back and executing your strategy from afar can be a game-changing moment for you. When you breach the objective room, keep your distance from an entry point. Keep picking off enemies until a final rush towards the objective begins to run out.

Lean into combat

Peeking is one of the differentiators from other first-person shooters. Leaning is a crucial tool for the Rainbow’s players. It enables them to ease around corners and be aware of the potential threats. You can trigger by clicking on the left or right stick while aiming down sights. You can use leaning on the fly when navigating around dangerous corners.

With this, gamers can aim your barrel into hostile territory without exposing your entire body. You can also take advantage of ‘Peeker’s Advantage’ utilized by a majority of high-skilled Rainbow players.

Learn the maps

Rainbow Siege features highly destructible, dynamic, and multilevel maps. You can get shot at from anywhere, which can result in frustration for you. It would be best to watch high-level streamers and professional gameplay to understand the best angles on the map.

Try to protect yourself as much as possible while giving yourself the best angle to target your enemies. Try to learn the camera locations also. Locating shooting out cameras as you proceed is as important as knowing the map in Rainbow Siege.

Defense from a distance

The common mistake that players make is tightly locking down the objective room to offer the best protection. Barricading yourself in a room with your teammates to protect the objective will leave a single major choking point for the enemy to exploit.

To avoid the error, stretch the additional rooms potentially to cover a wider area. Creating a complex maze of barricades will give the attackers more angles to consider. It will make it easier for the players to catch them by surprise. You can use reinforcements and barricades in specific locations to attract attackers into a trap.

Watch your corners

Situational awareness is key to precision and winning in Rainbow Six Siege. It has varied pacing, which means that you have to be alert at all times. From the moment the action phase starts, make sure to look out for even the slightest movement on the screen.

Even the slightest movement can expose your position, resulting in instant death if there is a gap between the game’s quick time to kill and required precision. Make sure to check all corners and angles before pushing forward, along with looking into the distance for potential threats.

Teamwork is key

Teamwork is critical in Rainbow’s multiplayer mode. Strategic planning and execution with the team have the potential to overthrow the strongest teams in the game. Assembling a team of five enables effective coordination and choosing the best angles to attack from.

Do not blindly bang into a door or window with the team, as it can lead to disaster. Get into the habit of using the drone to check out the entry rooms. Drones and teamwork will take you to the end of the match to watch out for the objective.


That is all! The above tips will work in Rainbow and help you survive the game. Effective allocation of resources like drones, teammates, and combat will change the game in your favor. The tricks will also help you take the fight confidently and manage to play against all odds. So, learn the tricks and dive into the adventurous Rainbow.

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