The Growth Path of a CEO

In the foreign trade industry, it is not rare to see cases of people rising from basic sales positions all the way to CEO positions, yet such success stories still exist.

For many people, the foreign trade industry is an ideal field to pursue success and realize personal value. In this industry, every day is full of new challenges and opportunities, whether it is the most basic sales positions, or the back-end technicians, management or analysts, are constantly in contact with new people and things, this stimulus and challenge makes the foreign trade industry has become one of the goals that many people pursue.

However, very few people start out wanting to work in sales. Instead, most people prefer careers in research, management, etc. However, it is interesting to note that more than half of them actually end up starting their careers in a sales position.

A successful CEO’s experience is full of twists and turns and rewards. Mr. Zili Zhao joined POWER TRADING LIMITED, a company that has just entered the Asia Pacific market, after graduating in 2015. Through a series of coincidences, he became a management trainee and grew and learned quickly.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhao joined several well-known companies and achieved notable success. Although he attributes his success to opportunities and hard work, in reality, Mr. Zhao’s success is also backed by his unremitting efforts and persistence.

His first job at POWER TRADING allowed Mr. Zhao, who was new to the job market, to grow up quickly. Subsequent work experience in different companies has also brought him rich experiences. Although the leadership style of each company is different, most people in the industry have shown good communication and cooperation spirit. The experience of working at each company, both in terms of interacting with the CEO and working with the team, provided him with valuable experience and insight.

When judging the qualities of a good company, the quality of service is a factor that cannot be ignored; POWER TRADING ensures that the rights and interests of customers are effectively protected, and at the same time, provides high quality services; in this way, it is possible to win the trust of customers and maintain the sound development of the enterprise.

Finally, for individuals, always remembering the beginning is the source of motivation to move forward. In the face of challenges and difficulties, keep faith and move forward firmly. In the pursuit of success, only through continuous efforts and struggles can we realize our dreams.

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