The Most Durable Commercial Flooring Options

When building a commercial space for your business, there are many things to keep in mind. From picking the right location to making sure it is big enough, a lot goes into the planning process. However, one thing that you cannot overlook is finding appropriate flooring. While you might need different types of flooring depending on the kind of work you do, you still want something that is sturdy and that you will not have to replace in a few months due to the high traffic of the area. Here are some of the most durable commercial flooring options that you should consider for your company. Carpet Underlay is also the best solution that makes your floors attractive and cool.


A leader in durability, you certainly need to consider terrazzo for your business space. It can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as recycled granite glass, an epoxy resin mixed with marble, and a cement matrix. Thanks to this, terrazzo is very versatile when it comes to designs, which allows businesses to incorporate their logos or other custom patterns into the floor. However, even though the lifetime costs are quite low, it’s important to note that this flooring option has high upfront material and installation costs. What is more, its cost-per-square-foot is actually higher if the space is smaller. This is why terrazzo is recommended for bigger, high-traffic spaces like entrances, showrooms, and high-end offices that intend to impress visitors.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy is another versatile and durable option you have at your disposal. It is made by applying a thermosetting resin onto a concrete slab that has been treated for moisture and cracks. This type of flooring is resistant to wear and tear that can happen due to abrasions, spills, and foot traffic thanks to the epoxy coating. However, it’s vital that the flooring is correctly installed to be able to experience all its perks. field tiles for bathroom floors It has a wide array of uses, as it’s sanitary enough to be used in laboratories, visually appealing enough to be used in retail spaces, and durable enough for manufacturing facilities. Epoxy flooring is quite low-maintenance and cost-effective.

Tile flooring

You can also opt for tiles for your business space. There is a large selection of thick and sturdy tiles that are excellent for high-traffic areas. If you decide to glaze them, they can also be waterproof and last you for up to 20 years. In terms of maintenance, all that you would need is a quick sweep or mop for the floors to look spotless. Keep in mind that, while not as pricey as real stone, floor tiles can be expensive if you opt for a high-end type of material. Moreover, they can be slippery and uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods of time. If you choose to install them in the kitchen of your restaurant, for instance, you should also look into anti fatigue mats that will ensure no employees are tired or in pain. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before you opt for this approach but rest assured that there are certainly more advantages.

Rubber flooring

In case your line of work requires you and your staff to spend most of the day on your feet, you can also look into rubber flooring. This is the ideal solution as it cushions falls, prevents slips, and reduces fatigue. Plus, it is sound absorbent and resistant to wear and tear, which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas. In addition to commercial kitchens and parts of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, rubber flooring can also be used in gyms, labs, and hospitals. When it comes to drawbacks, you might experience a faint rubber smell after it’s been installed. Finally, keep in mind that, while there are now various designs, its use is more utilitarian than aesthetic.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

Another versatile flooring material you can choose for your commercial space is luxury vinyl tile (LVT). LVT is quite affordable, durable, and available in various styles and colors as it can emulate any other type of flooring and provide you with the look you need. What is more, it is also very easy to install and maintain. You can use it for everything from upscale restaurants to conference rooms but it’s recommended that you avoid some really high-impact industrial environments.

Carpet tiles

Finally, you can also go for carpet tiles. As is the case with all flooring options, there are pros and cons you should familiarize yourself with before you opt for this approach. For starters, carpet tiles are durable and not difficult to maintain. Then, they are easy to replace as a damaged tile can quickly be swapped out for a new one. Carpet tiles can even be waterproof, which is great for offices. However, while these tiles are quite affordable, having them installed by professionals can become pricey.


If you’re looking for a durable flooring option for your business space, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many suitable alternatives on the market. Consider what kind of space you need to equip and choose from terrazzo, epoxy, tiles, rubber flooring, LVT, and carpet tiles.



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