The Pros and Cons of Moving Family to the UK

Moving to the UK is a dream come true for most families. Apart from the stunning sights and scenery that usually attract families to the UK, the regions boast many cities with a good standard of living and appropriate infrastructures to raise a family. But, like many other places on earth, moving your family to the UK has pros and cons.

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of moving your family to the UK. This will help you decide whether to move to the UK or not. So, ensure you read and understand the content of this post before you contact a UK based immigration lawyer to process your traveling documents.


Free Healthcare for All Family Members

The UK prioritizes the health of all its residents and thus provides free healthcare to residents. General taxation is the primary source of funds for the UK healthcare system. So if you move your family to the UK, you won’t need to spend much money on healthcare unless you choose to use private health care, which requires healthcare insurance.

You don’t necessarily need to be a UK citizen to benefit from free public healthcare. However, you must be a permanent resident to benefit from free healthcare.

Abundant Job Opportunities for Adults in the Family

The UK has ample job opportunities for its residents. Although only British citizens are naturally entitled to work opportunities in the UK, foreigners who possess the appropriate visa types can also work in the UK.

Job opportunities don’t exist only in UK cities but also in towns and suburbs. A fantastic thing about most UK companies is that they give workers at least 20 days of paid time off yearly. So as a worker in the UK, you can use the holiday opportunity to spend more time with your family without earning a penny less than your regular income.

Access to Quality Education for Students in the Family

If some family members are still studying in school, then moving to the UK will allow those students to study in one of the best schools in the world. Academic education within the UK is world-renowned. Both primary and advanced educations in the UK are world-renowned.

Exposure to Unique Arts and Culture

The UK is one of the best places to witness fascinating arts, culture, and sports. If your family moves to one of the top cities in the UK, you’ll have the privilege to attend some of the international sporting events usually held in UK cities.

Even if you don’t live in the cities, historical buildings and artworks can’t be far from where you live because they abound in all corners of the UK. There are numerous unique festivals like the Glastonbury festival, which the UK family visa will allow you to witness.


High Cost of Living

As a family, you’ll need a lot of money to live a comfortable life in the UK, especially if you move to the top cities in the UK. A family of four living in the UK needs at least  £4,000 monthly to cover the cost of living, including rent.

Slow Healthcare

The major drawback of the free healthcare system in the UK is that Patients usually have to exercise a lot of patience before doctors attend to them. The free nature of the healthcare system is mainly responsible for the slowness of healthcare as many patients don’t hesitate to see a doctor for all kinds of health issues. Sometimes, an appointment with a doctor can take several weeks to hold.

Few Employment Opportunities for Non-English Speakers

The UK isn’t a good place for non-English speakers seeking employment as there are very few employment opportunities for them. The ability to speak English is among the crucial requirements for work in the UK, even for jobs requiring very little communication. This requirement can frustrate non-English speakers seeking employment in the UK.


Now that you’ve discovered the pros and cons of moving to the UK, you should establish your immigration decisions on your needs. Will the disadvantages of moving to the UK have almost no effect on you while your family benefits from the opportunities in the UK? If yes, then you can move to the UK. However, if no is your answer, we advise you to relocate with your family elsewhere.



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