The Right Way to Replace the Lights of Your Car

Do you know that replacing the light bulbs in new model cars is difficult than it was in the older ones? That’s right, newer cars have a bit complex design that makes it a bit hard for owners to replace the light bulbs of their cars on their own. This is one of the many reasons why it is recommended that you need to download repair manuals for your cars.

If you think that you have what it takes to replace the light bulbs of your cars on your own, then you might find this article helpful. We’ve compiled a list of few tips that will help you or they might even discourage you from trying.

Best Way to Replace Head Lamps of Your Car

Replacing the light bulb of your cars is not as simple as replacing the light bulbs of your home light fixtures. This is why car experts suggest that your download car repair manuals and follow the steps properly. However, if you think that you do not have what it takes to replace them, it is never too late to seek help from professionals.

Sealed Beam Lights

Despite the fact that the old sealed beam light systems were genuinely simple, the most widely recognized slip-up individuals make when attempting to replace the light bulb is turning the changing screws rather than the mounting screws.

In practically all cases, the headlight trim should be taken out before the mounting screws can be seen, considerably less eliminated. Once in a while, the whole barbecue should be disengaged to obtain entrance.

Replaceable Head Lamps

A large portion of these early styled systems had bulb access behind the headlight. In the event that you can’t reach behind the headlight get-together, at that point chances are it should be taken out to supplant the bulbs. It is dependent upon you to figure out which mounting equipment should be eliminated to deliver the head light-gathering—each make and model is unique.

On numerous late-model vehicles, where there is no hole between the belt and the headlight get together, there is a decent chance the sash should be prejudice or totally eliminated to access the head light assembly. You can likewise accept that any lights contained in the headlight gathering will require a similar methodology.

Back Lighting

Backdrop illumination alludes to the lighting which enlightens the measures, switches, and different controls around evening time. On most new vehicles, these bulbs are not replaceable—it is the switches and control boards that should be supplanted if the backdrop illumination fizzles.

The bulbs for the measures can be supplanted, yet by and large, this is completed by a mechanics shop spend significant time in hardware repair. The most ideal approach to see whether these bulbs are replaceable is to contact the parts branch of your nearby seller and ask them. In the event that you discover the bulbs are replaceable, at that point, much of the time, the influenced part should be eliminated to supplant the influenced bulb.

Some General Information That You Should Know

Whenever it comes to replacing the light bulbs, you always need to make sure that the socket is not damaged. If you find that the socket is damaged, the whole component will require to be changed.

Most of the time, the sockets need to be twisted 90 degrees in order to remove them from the assembly. Sometimes the socket has a lock and sometimes it does not have a lock. So, you need to check it as well.

Lastly, some of the LED lights do not have replaceable bulbs. This means that the whole light assembly will need to be replaced.


Light bulb replacement is not a tedious task if you have prior experience or a car repairs manual. But, if you think that you do not have the time or expertise to replace it, you can always go to the nearest workshop.

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