The sudden surge in the number of Cryptocurrencies

surge in the number of Cryptocurrencies

Within the turn of a single decade, we are faced with a situation where the number of cryptocurrencies has surpassed the number of fiat currencies. Experts have been trying to reason with the sudden surge in new cryptocurrencies in the market and reached few probable conclusions.

Bitcoin first became known to us in 2008. It seemed like a good few years before people started paying any heed to Cryptocurrency. Eventually, as the world witnessed the rise in the value of Bitcoin one step at a time and then all of a sudden, everybody took notice. Everybody wanted to join the bandwagon.

Investors came pouring in

Previously, it was difficult for anyone to just begin their investing journey. It came with a lot of complications. Today, online applications guide us every step of the way. Check out bitcoin technology and learn how Bitcoin investment works.

Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is a tool that everyone learned about in 2008. When Satoshi Nakamoto first launched the first Cryptocurrency in the world anonymously, Bitcoin introduced this technology. This makes the process of securing data incredibly easier.

Blockchain technology makes use of blocks forming a public ledger. Whenever any transaction takes place, the information gets encrypted in each of the blocks. The users involved in the transaction have access to the information in the block since it is part of the public ledger. However, they cannot alter any piece of information encrypted in the block.

This would require the approval of every user on the ledger. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, the responsibility of keeping records and preventing thefts falls upon the investors. The process is quite transparent. Everyone investing in Bitcoin is privy to the information. However, despite the transparency maintained, the identities of the users remain concealed. The entire transaction of value and the circulation of the data takes place with the help of the public and private keys.

Today, the scope of Blockchain is not merely limited to its usage in Bitcoins. Blockchain experts are developing new ways of putting Blockchain to use. There are various fields in which this technology is being used, ranging from health care facilities, education, logistics, finance, and it goes on.

Using Blockchain Technology gives them leverage over others. The sooner they come up with original ideas and put them to use with the help of Blockchain, the larger the profit. Blockchain is cutting-edge technology. Blockchain developers are thus, the most sought-after professionals in the market at the moment.

Massive Returns

It was only after a few years of the launch of Bitcoin that its significance was realized. When the value of Bitcoin started moving upward, it shook the market. Anyone who had the means wanted to buy Bitcoins. The earliest investors may have started with $1 and earned massive returns ranging from $10,000 to 20,000. People realized cryptocurrencies have great potential, and not many people had dived in to explore it back then.

Thus began the journey of several other cryptocurrencies. Some of them are originals and aim at solving problems in various sectors. Others are duplicates of the originals. Cryptocurrencies like Litecoins, Bitcoin cash, and the likes have been directly derived from Bitcoin. There came up a separate group of Cryptocurrency by the Google engineer, Charlie Lee who named it Altcoins. After Bitcoin emerged, Ethereum soon followed. It was introduced as a smart contract platform, as well as something to hold value for. It tried to notch up its utility as compared to Bitcoin.


Beginners usually have a tough time deciding which Cryptocurrency to invest in. However, with the assistance of the online platforms, one may jot the various benefits of each and invest judiciously.

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