The Top 5 Boxing Glove Brands

Boxing, like all other sports, requires a considerable amount of attention to safety, build quality and the design for its utmost enjoyment. Just like cricket requires you to wear a helmet and pads for safety, boxing has its gloves to practice with.

There are countless brands out there currently making boxing gloves, but if you are looking for the best boxing gloves brands, than look no further. I have listed down the top 5 best boxing glove brands for you to choose from sports equipment stores, keeping in mind the design, quality and safety.

The Top 5 Boxing Glove Brands

Venom Elite Boxing Gloves:

The Design:

It’s the 20th century, right? Who doesn’t like those flashy kinds of gloves having a modern and bright look, catching eyes of people all around! If you’re a fan of these kinds of designs, Venom would never disappoint you, as it is the runner up brand when it comes to producing eye catching and flashy gloves! Also, there is a wide variety of colors available to choose from. This colorful and much popular design forced us to include “Venom” into our list of the best boxing gloves brands, because who does not like a design pleasing to the yes?

Protection and Padding:

The attached thumb design minimalizes the chances of injuring your thumb by catching them on the side of a pad. Made from artificial leather, these are quite comfortable and provide a decent support around the front side of the gloves and wrists.

Build Quality:

Made in Thailand, rest assured that you are guaranteed to get what you pay for with these gloves. If you have a limited budget and are looking for the best boxing gloves under $80, than this is not a bad choice. Considering the price tag, the artificial leather will last you a couple of years.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves:

Build Quality:

Made from Synthetic leather, these gloves are not a bad choice for you. The only tiny defect I found out is the stitching! Although done neatly, some loose threads at the end should be given attention to. Coming to the inner side, I felt the material a little loose. On the positive side, there is plenty of room for your fingers and thumb.

The Design:

There are multiple color combinations available to choose from. With the stunningly designed graphics and the sturdy print, these gloves will make you the spotlight in the local gym or in the boxing ring. The colors range from a dull shade to much brighter visuals.

Weight and protection:

In comparison with other gloves, these gloves have a finger compartment relatively shorter than other best boxing gloves brands out there. The padding is evenly spread, providing wrist support but around the knuckles, you do not get the level of protection you should have.

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves:

Build Quality:

A big advantage of these gloves are them being moisture resistance. Made from faux leather, these gloves can survive rough usage and excess sweating you usually have to face while boxing. From being ergonomic to having holes to allow air inside, these gloves could be the best choice for you as these are specifically included in our list of the best boxing gloves!


These gloves have unbelievable shock absorption capabilities thanks to the multi-layer density foam present in them. Due to this foam, your gloves will have a more spread look, making them seem extremely pricey.

The Comfort:

These gloves have a unisex design allowing them to be widely used due to their universal design. The carefully structured design will give your hands a tight fit without giving the trouble of excess sweating.

Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves:

Build Quality:

Starting with the microfiber leather covered exterior, it is better quality leather than other leathers present out there. Soft and extremely durable at the same time, you would not find the glove cracking or breaking. Containing 5 layers of foam plus coming with a dual strap, this glove has all the feature you could need, making them jump right into the list of the best boxing gloves brands.

The Comfort:

The interior has a liner, reducing excess sweating to keep your hands snug and dry. The closure system gives a comfortable and secure feel to your hands. Moreover, your hands will tightly fit and due to the soft foam, your hands would not feel constrained, also keeping in mind that these gloves are quite flexible.

The Protection:

Offering an exceptionally high level of protection, these gloves have a thick padding and a well-structured design, keeping your hand in proper form and angle. The dual wrist strap helps in proper wrist and hand alignment. 99% of boxers who have used these gloves are completely satisfied with the protection it provides.

Twins Special Gloves:


Twins gloves have been known to provide extra protection to the knuckles thanks to them being well padded, which also gives them a bulky look. You get a comfortable three layered padding, with a special ultra-soft inner layer to protect the knuckles. There is a brick hard solid layer on the outside, making them sturdy and hard! This amazing standard of protection is the reason why we included this brand in the list of the best boxing gloves brands.

Build Quality:

The surprising thing about these gloves is that these are purely handmade by expert craftsmen who know well about their work. Unlike other brands, pure genuine leather is used in there make, providing you years of usage without seeing cracks or breaks in them.


Made especially for Thai boxers, these gloves do not provide the flashy and colorful design other brands usually aim for. They have a very simplistic design with just their logo on the back of the glove. Talking about the thumb, they are straight and less material is present on the palms for practicing clinches.


The above mentioned “best boxing gloves brands” have been carefully selected to maximize your boxing performance in all situations, whether you are just training or actually boxing with a partner.

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Each boxing glove mentioned above has their own unique advantages and drawbacks, so you should keep your preferences in mind when reading the above reviews, so you choose the glove according to your need.


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