The Wrong Impression: Mistakes Affecting Reputation at Work

Your reputation is important in the workplace, especially if you have ambitions to climb the ladder. While you might have invested time and effort into building your skills, qualifications, and knowledge, you may make various mistakes at work that impacts your professionalism.

As it can take many years for your employer and colleagues to understand your true character and abilities, you must stand out for the right reasons and banish errors. Learn about the possible mistakes affecting your reputation at work.


Lateness might infuriate your boss and colleagues. Despite your busy lifestyle, you must turn up for work on time and ensure you don’t leave people waiting at the start of a meeting. If you’re always arriving five minutes late to a Microsoft Teams call, you’ll appear unprofessional and unreliable to your co-workers, employers, clients, or vendors. Strive to arrive at least a few minutes early to develop a positive reputation and prove your dependability and hard work ethic.

An Unpleasant Scent

Most people have experienced a meeting with someone who has terrible coffee breath, smells of cigarette smoke, or skipped deodorant in the morning. While your hair might appear immaculate and your clothing might seem smart and professional, your scent could become a distraction when chatting to colleagues, pitching an idea, or meeting with a client.

Ensure your scent complements your attire by showering every morning, brushing and flossing your teeth, applying deodorant, and wearing a fragrance. Also, consider if your lifestyle choices are affecting your reputation. For instance, if you smoke traditional cigarettes, it might be time to ditch the smelly cigs for a more subtle vape juice from


If you’re guilty of talking behind your colleagues’ backs, you could have developed a label as an office gossip. Rumors can quickly spread across the business, and you may soon become the face of the Chinese whispers.

If you’re perceived as a gossip by management, you might ruin your chances of a promotion or pay raise. If you find out a co-worker’s secret, keep it to yourself and avoid office gossip. If you tell one person, they may tell others, and you’ll develop a reputation for spreading rumors.

Poor Self-Promotion

Every workplace has employees who are great at promoting their skills and achievements, while others will push themselves into the background. Unfortunately, if you don’t highlight your knowledge and successes to date, you might struggle to grab your boss’s attention and secure many promotions.

It isn’t bragging to shine a spotlight on your professional success. Don’t be afraid to share your many accomplishments with your employer and express your desire to climb the ladder. If they learn about your ambitions and know you have the skills and experience to match, they might consider you when a vacancy opens at the business.

Also, update your academic and work accomplishments on LinkedIn to naturally promote yourself to your co-workers, senior management, and potential employers. The tactic could help you land your dream role.

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