TikTok Trends – Riding the Wave for More Likes

In the ever-evolving world of TikTok, hundreds of trends rise and fall faster than you can even react. Understanding those trends at the correct time and harnessing their potential is important to get more likes and followers. The ever-changing landscape of TikTok provides numerous possibilities to ride the tide of trendy challenges, catchy melodies, and fascinating content. Having a top-notch presence on TikTok has become a necessity for businesses as, according to Statistica, there will be 15 million TikTok users in the UK by 2025! This means the majority of your audience will be present on TikTok, and to reach them, a robust presence is important. TikTok trends are like a secret ingredient in your TikTok strategy that can give you the much-required temporary surge of likes for a certain period of time. Staying updated with trends helps you increase that time and make your content race ahead of others. In this blog, we will discuss the top trends to look out for in 2023-24 and ride the wave for more likes. 

Creating Nostalgia 

TikTok teens experience premature nostalgia – The Pitch

Creating nostalgia is one of the biggest trends on TikTok that isn’t going anytime soon. At present, people are getting more connected to the past and want to recreate or bring it to the present. Therefore, creating content using storytelling, music, visuals, and personal anecdotes

that pay attention to the old days can help brands get the most number of likes. The vintage effects and filters, old-school music, iconic dialogues, old photos, recreating childhood experiences, vintage style art, etc., are some of the best nostalgia-creating content that has the power to storm your account with likes. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that, when used truly and wisely, can have a profound impact on your audience. 

Green Screen Effect

The green screen effect is one of the most beneficial trends that will rise even more in the upcoming year. If you are bored of the typical home background, this trend can be a game changer for you. In this, you can simply choose the background image or video according to your choice and make a video with that particular background. It can make your video look visually appealing, aesthetic, realistic, and engaging. Using green screen effects to tell interesting stories and transport your audience to different locations and scenarios is a great idea to increase TikTok likes. Besides that, green screens can also help you in creating interactive, educational, humorous, duet, cross-promotion, etc content. Using this innovative method, you can see an increase in engagement, including some of the best TikTok likes you’ve ever received.

Day in the Life

People’s interest in the personal lives of creators gives rise to a new trend called “Day in the Life”. This allows creators and brands to show people what they do in a day, including day-to-day tasks, routine activities, and some unique tasks. For example – A cafe owner might demonstrate to their audience how their chef works all day and prepares various dishes to fill customer demands. However, to take full advantage of this trend, planning the day strategically and capturing the interesting moments to provide the best content without wasting time is crucial. Adding creative captions, the right music and voiceovers, and hashtags are vital for enhancing its final draft and making it engaging for viewers.

Augmented Reality Effects

TikTok rolls out its first lidar-powered AR effect | TechCrunch

Augmented Reality is the future, and TikTok is not behind in incorporating it into the platform. It provides an engaging and exciting way to engage with your audience. TikTok allows creators to alter their appearances, trigger animation, allow product try-ons, include virtual objects in their videos, perform location-based marketing and produce eye-catching visual effects using AR effects and filters. Creators have to explore its AR library on a daily basis as TikTok updates its collection and keeps adding new filters and effects to enhance the content. To ensure relevance and authenticity, choose an AR effect that complements your niche and the information of your content. This trend can add an extra layer of creativity if used strategically and can lead to a massive number of likes. 

Comedy Videos are Evergreen Content

People watch videos on TikTok to reduce their stress and refresh their minds. Such comedy videos are created to make people laugh and enjoy themselves, which are among the most important things in today’s fast-paced world. Humor has universal appeal, and well-executed comic content may keep viewers interested over time, which results in a high number of likes. The trend of comedy videos has been prevailing since the beginning phase of TikTok, and it has grown even more over time. To capture the audience’s interest, determine your comedy style, whether it is slapstick humor, dark comedy, wordplay, situational comedy, parody, or something else. Create relatable situations, engage in observational comedy, create catchphrases or experiment with parodies, which are some common comedy content ideas that have been captivating viewers for years. 

DIY Creativity

TikTok tests landscape videos in major shake-up - BBC News

DIY or Do It Yourself is the most creative trend that prevailed in 2023, and its popularity is going to rise even more in 2024. It allows brands and creators to show people their artistic mindset by presenting craft, recipes, designing, home improvement, best out of waste and many more such unique things. It’s important to collect all the material required for your DIY project. Make sure to record your DIY creativity correctly and keep engaging with your audience by explaining what you are doing, why you’re doing and some best tips and tricks to perform the action more easily. To bring more likes and comments, try asking people for suggestions, thoughts and their own ideas related to the project. Sometimes, it’s even more beneficial when you start an innovative and unique DIY in the first part and show the final product in the second part. This helps you capture the interest of the audience for a longer time and get more likes and followers. 


In conclusion, riding the wave of TikTok trends and getting more likes is an exciting journey that helps creators and brands to create a robust TikTok presence. The trends offer a plethora of opportunities to connect with the audience and succeed on the platform. By embracing these trends, you can stay ahead of your competitors and get a massive fan base on the platform. From creating nostalgia to showing DIY creativity, these TikTok trends help creators captivate their audience, connect with them easily and build a community. At last, unlock the potential of TikTok by staying updated with the trends and utilizing them in your content. 

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