Tips on Select Clear Vinyl Covers for Your Patio Furniture

While you are planning to cover up your outdoor furniture or the same of your commercial businesses, it is important to choose the right material and size of cover to serve your purpose well. Vinyl is the No.1 choice lately in terms of furniture cover, and clear vinyl will help you protect the exact details of the furniture alongside ensuring the best protection to the furniture. Outdoor furniture covers can easily slip over the furniture pieces and stay fit there. Here in this article, we will discuss some essentials to consider while choosing vinyl furniture covers.


Features to look for in furniture cover

Breathability and waterproofing

One top consideration to make while you look for vinyl covers is that it is fully waterproof. There are many counterfeit products available at the online stores now, which may be claiming to be waterproof, but are not. Always try to get top-quality products from reliable sellers to ensure you get the right value for money. There is various type of clear vinyl covers available out there. Some of them slip over covers, whereas some others offer a snug fit on the furniture.


While putting vinyl covers on the furniture, also make sure that these are breathable with some vents. This is because of the chance that moisture may get accumulated inside the cover due to condensation, which has to be expelled to avoid moisture damage to the chair material. Clear vinyl furniture covers are fully waterproof, but to ensure breathability, there should be additional vents installed.



While looking for loose fit vinyl covers that are just meant for protection when your furniture is not in use, make sure that you get some covers with proper tied-downs or closures. No matter how securely you put the cover on, there can be chances of wind or storm blowing it off in the case of outdoor furniture. If there are tie-downs, then you can easily fix the edges onto the chair legs which will ensure that the covers stay fixed onto the furniture and do not fail even during high winds.


The quality of the vinyl material

Vinyl is of various thickness and quality. There are 20-gauge 20-gauge, 30-gauge to up to 70 or 80-gauge which differs on the thickness. While exploring vinyl chair covers, make sure that you get appropriate thickness too to offer optimum protection to your furniture.


Some other things you have to be cautioned about while buying clear vinyl covers for furniture are:

  • Do not opt for the one-size-fits-all covers as offers by many sellers.
  • Do not just take the price tags to shortlist your choices but look for the best value for money.
  • Beware of counterfeit products too and always buy from authorized sellers and dealers.
  • In the case of custom-fit covers, look for the installation support also as offered by the sellers.


By considering all these factors, take your time to go through all available options, make a fair comparison of the products, and also look at the customer reviews and user feedback on various products to finalize your choices.


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