Tips to keep carpets clean in commercial spaces

You have floor tiling in your commercial spaces, but it is time to upgrade to something more pleasing- i.e. carpets. Carpet makes your commercial space comfortable without affecting the professionalism of the place. It makes the environment more welcoming. Carpet makes your building cozier and warmer which benefits you, your workers and customers in the cold season.

But you may start to lose these benefits once your carpet traps dirt, dust and debris. Stains and mud can make your carpet unhealthy. It can affect the work atmosphere of the office, lowering the productivity of your employees.

Luckily, when you have the guidelines to care for your office carpet, then you can keep its appearance new and fresh. Here are some of the tips to keep your commercial carpets clean:

Have a maintenance plan

It is essential to have a scheduled cleaning and maintenance plan when choosing the right cleaning method for your carpet. Every carpet cleaning is unique as it depends on the amount of foot traffic it receives, climate of the area and office location.

Hence, draft your maintenance schedule to mark out the areas with different foot traffic. Then you can work on cleaning methods needed for those areas accordingly.


Regular vacuuming your carpet is important to extend the carpet’s life and increase appearance retention. Vacuum the high traffic areas daily and the medium traffic areas can be vacuumed thrice a week, while the low traffic areas can be vacuumed once a week.

However, if the weather isn’t good, and you have a lot of dirt and mud on the carpet, then you should vacuum daily.

Deep cleaning

Regular vacuuming can only help you get rid of 80 percent of dirt and debris from your carpet, but not even the best vacuum cleaner can give you 100% results. In order to get rid of the remaining 20%, you need professional carpet cleaning.

It is important to hire professional carpet cleaners to deep clean your carpets with innovative techniques and proficient cleaning methods.

Have a plan from beforehand to tackle the spills

Most commercial carpets may have stains and spots of coffee and other spills. These can penetrate your carpet and damage the fibers. Hence, it needs immediate cleaning.

If you have a big office, then cleaning all the spills in one go may not be possible. Some spills may be worse than others, such as dropping a few drops of tea than dropping the whole cup of tea. So, encourage your employees to clean the small spills instantly while for the big spills, you can hire professionals.

Get a patterned stain-resistant carpet to camouflage the flaws

While it isn’t really a cleaning tip, your selection of carpet has a major effect on the duration for which it maintains its appearance. For instance, a plain carpet will instantly showcase the tiny coffee drips while a dark-colored patterned carpet will hide such flaws.

So, imply these tips to bring the best of your commercial carpets and see the results on your own.

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