Tips To Pick A Trekking Route

Are you looking for the perfect way to connect with nature and spend some quality time with your family or loved ones on your next vacation? If your answer is yes, the best activity you may opt for is a trekking trip through the Aconcagua 360 route. Although you will find other trails in Argentina as well, this one is the best since it is ideal for all kinds of trekkers.

The most important step inpreparing for your hiking tour is to select an appropriate route. It is one of the most integral parts of the process because your experience and convenience will depend on this aspect by a wide margin. As a result, you should be as careful as possible if you wish to get the best benefits.

Let us now take a detailed look at a few suggestions that you can use while looking for a hiking trail:

  • Consider The Time

The first thing you need to do while looking for the most relevant trekking route for your Aconcagua treks is consider the time. Since this mountain has lots of areas you can visit and climb, all of them require separate time duration to reach the final level.

Moreover, the higher you wish to go, the more time it will take to reach. Hence, you should first speak to your local trekking company to know more about the options accessible to you for climbing aconcagua. Not just that, but you can also ask for tips from your fellow trekker friends to know more about this aspect successfully and efficiently.

  • Consider The Distance

Once you have figured out how much time you have on your hands, the next thing you should pay attention to is the distance. As it was mentioned in the above point, the mainAconcagua 360 route can go from one way to another. And all of them take you to a different spot in the mountain.

Hence, when looking for the best route available, think about how far you are willing to go. Different trails have separate amounts of miles you need to travel. As a result, you should also speak to your family members or loved ones beforehand to know how long they will be able to walk each day. This factor will make it convenient for you to pick an option within a short period.

  • Think About The Scenery

If you are somebody who appreciates nature and loves to visit beautiful places, you should also consider the scenery while picking a trekking route. Distance, time, energy, and other such factors can become quite small when there is a gorgeous view at the end of your journey. The higher you travel, the better scenery you will be able to witness.

Hence, you should first speak to your hiking organizer to know more about which trail offers what kind of scenery. Once you have gained appropriate information about this aspect, speak to your loved ones and come to a mutual conclusion regarding your Aconcagua trekswithout any further challenges.


Is this one of the first times you have tried to figure out which hiking route you should opt for? If your answer is yes, you may not be sure what to do or how to ensure you are making the right choice. In times like these, you should keep in mind to consider the above tips for a better result. Above suggestions will help you climbing aconcagua.

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