Tips to Upgrade your Wireless Extender by Replacing its Antennas

Nearly all access points and wireless extender contain WiFi antennas to transmit equal and well signals in all directions. Such types of antennas are omnidirectional that are also used in making the process of Netgear Extender Setup easy. In that case, you have to place your router in a good position as it directs signals and spreads its range all over the house.

Recover the performance of your Router

Occasionally, replacement of existing antennas with a different one would be a better option. But remember, it is difficult for an omnidirectional antenna exceeding its range to a long distance just because its signal has already spread its range in all directions. It only has the capability of choosing the one, either it can exceed longer or spread in four corners of the house. Well, this can also result in poor connectivity where the signals coming out of antennas are unable to cover and reach there. So, need not to worry and implement the following:

  • Replacement of existing omnidirectional antennas with a stronger directional or omnidirectional one.
  • Provide additional set of antennas to your smart device i.e. the router.

Switch to a range extender.

A WiFi range extender is also known as wireless repeater or a range expander to reach the range of an existing wireless LAN. This device is supposed to be situated nearby the base router and the device that is not close to the extender will able to receive the acceptable service everywhere in the house. The range extenders also cover even those areas mentioned as “dead zones”.

  • Connect your router and the range extender with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • After that, grab your smart phone and go to Netgear Extender Setup Website.
  • Type mywifiext into the field of the address bar.

Substitute of an Antenna

Go to the website of the router’s manufacturer. The maker may perhaps vend better and superior antenna for your specific model of your router. But remember, before providing your device a set of antenna, determine your device’s standard of working. It supposes to be based on Wireless N or wireless AC technology. Improvement and upgrading of an antenna does not require any tool or annoying steps of configuration. Just unscrew the existing and screw the new one.

Note: If they are unscrew able, then the antennas cannot be replaced.

Addition of an External Antenna

Several routers makers do sell the external directional and omnidirectional antennas that are tend to be enough stronger than any other router in-built antenna. Well, a stronger antenna that is known as omnidirectional is most likely to spread its range to far corners of house. As you all know that WiFi connections are distance-sensitive, so a stronger connection frequently leads in increasing performance of our existing network. It may also interest you to know that various routers come with an external antenna jack that permits a simple connection meant for new antennas.

Note: Do have a word with your router’s manufacturer or Internet Service Provider before switching to a new antenna.

High-gain Directional Antenna

Well, the High-gain directional antenna provides the greatest WiFi range spread in all directions. Keep focusing on the WiFi signals, the high-gain antennas allow the Internet range to be controlled, managed and intended to cover the entire area of the home where all the smart wireless devices are situated.
Poor Performance of a WiFi Signals
When a WiFi signal does not work properly? Well, the answer is simple. Probably a wireless antenna which is enough strong that could also be the reason of creating security issues in that case, what would you suppose to do to get rid of such issues. Possibly, taking an extra smart decision to use a strong omnidirectional antenna or a range extender is very helpful in spreading the range of existing WiFi network to far corners of house even dead zones.

Range extender covers all poor connectivity areas and destroys all the interferences that are caused due to neighboring or third-party devices. For this, you have to set your router free in order to receive live Internet signals. After that open a web browser into your smart device and visit Netgear Extender Setup Page by going through