Tools Your Team Needs to Succeed in 2021

Remote work, hectic environment, agile methodologies and the rise of startups are just some of the notable factors driving the change in the business environment. The traditional business model is slowly moving into history, and those failing to realize that are up for a rude awakening.

Businesses relying on manual work for any segment are also going downhill. In fact, even businesses modernizing their procedures have a difficult time coping with the rapidity of the change in innovative technologies.

There are simply too many aspects demanding immediate attention all at once for modernization to be easy, but it is by no means impossible.

Giving proper attention to the tools and apps crucial for success is the first obvious step. Let’s take a look at the 2021 trends.

Professional Business Email

The reason why a professional email client is absolutely crucial is not difficult to see. Email communication is still predominant, and the woe of forwarded messages and day-long notifications disrupting work schedules is simply overwhelming.

Even though some other tools have taken over some of the initial functions of emails, the latter still remain widely used and often preferable to other alternatives.

Take your time choosing the best professional email client with a user-friendly interface and a slew of options that will make everyday correspondence easier, if not less voluminous. There is no one business favorite, so take your time researching. The options are many, and there is a little something for everyone.

Project Management Apps

Notwithstanding the fact that remote work is on the rise, project management apps are absolutely crucial for streamlining even the most simple of tasks. Not only do they help with the timeline, but they also make adjustments seamless both for the management and team members.

One of the best tools for managing multiple projects and contributors is Kanban Boards. The tool shows the respective phase of each project and its contributors. Here’s useful info on how to use kanban boards for in-depth information.

Google Drive/Docs

Benefits of Google Drive/Docs are well known. However, not everyone knows how to use the tool to its full potential.

Google Drive/Docs is a god-send for making shared activities as seamless as possible. Every collaborator can access company files and documents in addition to be privy to adding, removing and proofreading content.


Once upon a time, Dropbox was known as a convenient storage tool. Nowadays, it is so much more. Some of the most useful Dropbox features are multi-device access, file storing file synchronization and sharing, showcase options (“Showcase”), team management (“Dropbox Business”), collaborative workspace (“Paper”) and app integration.  


Asana is very popular, with more and more businesses turning to the tool for its obvious benefits by the day. Dubbed the “ultimate tool for efficient project management,” Asana is just the perfect tool for task and project management, dashboards and conversations.

Asana is user-friendly and seriously easy to navigate. It covers multiple aspects of task management and communication and makes collaboration easy and fun.


Trello is an efficient web-based project management tool. Organization and prioritization are a piece of cake for Trello, as it features boards, lists and cards for easy navigation and increased visibility. The tool provides the ability to add comments and upload files.

One notable — but often overlooked — feature of Trello is the checklist. Trello helps with project organization, email courses and writing ebooks, to name a couple of most notable checklist options.


Slack is a chat app that has been gaining popularity of late and not without a good reason. It covers personal, group and multi-channel communication between team members and collaborators. Slack is user-friendly with an easily navigable design. For those still getting accustomed to the tool, Slack offers useful tips (customizable, optional).

Finally, it also offers file sharing and makes all messages browsable. It syncs across all devices and can be connected to other apps, including the popular choices such as Skype and WordPress.

Templates and Time-Saving Tools  

“Time-saving” seems to be the keyword when it comes to tools as we all know how hectic the average work day can be. The chief flaw of the majority of tools — regardless of their undeniable convenience — is that they can be difficult to navigate, especially in case of numerous tasks and emails.

When it comes to emails, there are more issues than meets the eye. Even the finest of email clients cannot help with the vast number of emails you need to go through. However, there are solutions to more efficient correspondence, such as Gmail templates.

If you can group incoming messages in different categories, half of the job is done. The other half is creating templates, which can be particularly useful for customer support representatives and business correspondence with multiple collaborators. Think in terms of shared guidelines, and you’re on the right path.


Wunderlist is a cloud-based task manager tool that hasn’t gotten the exposure it deserves. Not only does it help online businesses boost their productivity, but it also empowers the users to seamlessly manage all tasks across multiple devices no less. The tool is free and user-friendly and rather useful for all kinds of tasks and checklists (private, too).

Wunderlist features customizable notifications — the most useful of which are due dates, to-dos and reminders, which can really make your daily schedule a seamless task indeed. Wunderlist is compatible with all major devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire and the Web).

Continue Learning  

Finally, even when it seems you’ve finally got the ropes of all the finest tools, remember that trends are changing at a rapid pace. Keep learning!

No less important is to provide custom eLearning for your team. Proper training sessions are just what every team needs to remain successful in the long run.

That certainly doesn’t apply only to tools. Rather, it is suitable for all aspects of doing business. Seriously, does anyone need to be told that continual learning is the only proper way to go about their lives?

We think not.

Live and learn!

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