Top 10 New Features of Digital Signage

Now that digital signs are growing in popularity, it is possible that the industry may be worth between $12 billion and $36 billion by the year 2026. So, your primary aim is to find digital signs with suitable software, like Kitcast, that will allow you to create, engage, and manage. Here are a few features you should be looking for.

1 – Instagram Feed and Facebook Group Tools

You can get your audience more acquainted with your Facebook communities, or perhaps integrate Instagram into your software so you may pull information from it more quickly.

2 – Quotes and Manage People

You can add quotes to your daily video content with quotation tools. You may implement internal communication solutions by managing your teams using management tools that are already set in place within your digital signs software, allowing you to control what you like, be it your staff schedules to what is on the menu today.

3 – Document Walls and Photo Walls

Have your digital signs software display document after document in what looks like a document wall, or perhaps a slideshow. Or create a photo wall and have it run on your digital signs. With the right tools, it is easy.

4 – Work with Multiple Devices, In Multiple Locations and Multiple Environments

If you have the right software, you can manage a wide number of digital signs yourself from just one hub. You may manage devices in multiple locations, and work from multiple locations. You may also use different operating systems and devices to gain access to your digital signage software.

5 – News Feed and Weather Forecast Features

Thanks to Smartphones, there are certain things that people expect, and news and weather is one of them. It is easier if your digital signs have software that allows you to add news and weather information.

6 – Adjust Your Content Timing

There are many ways you can control the timing. You can control how quickly your video content changes, and you can control how often something shows, or when it shows at certain times of the day.

7 – Collaborate and Schedule

With the correct use of your software, you can create schedules and collaborate with other people. There is no need for you to do all the content creation yourself; you can work with other people to create the most suitable content for your digital signs.

8 – Video Stream and Sale News

If you want, you can stream video content around the clock if you have the right software with the right tools. You can also use your digital signs tools to create promotional material and push your newest sales.

9 – Slideshow and Video Show reels

Perhaps being able to host images and videos is not new, but these days you can make your slideshows and video reels look very professional. They are also far easier to use than they were just a few years ago.

10 – RSS Feeds and a World Clock

Why wouldn’t you want a world clock within your digital signs software? Especially if you are running international campaigns. An RSS feed function also allows you to subscribe to suitable and relevant channels, which includes channels you set up yourself.

Find Software That Features These Features

Some of the features mentioned are brand new, and others are an evolution of what people used to have. With companies like, the software has been honed and refined. Where once the slideshows looked like something a schoolchild did on PowerPoint, they now look sleek and professional. It is not because the software users have become better designers, it is because the tools on hand are more sophisticated to the point where they make it harder to fail.

The Features You May Need

The content you intend to post and the people who will see your content will determine the features you require. There are certain modern tools that are making life a little easier for people. Here are a few features that some people are finding useful.

  • Content caching for quicker repeat showing and loading
  • Dynamic content playback
  • Local interactivity
  • Local messaging tools
  • Emergency messaging features

Again, if a company is trying to sell you its digital signs software based on its newest features, then that is fine, but remember that you may never use any of them. There are digital signs that are becoming more like works of art than they are marketing and management tools. Just do not let the sparkle of new features sell you when it is the basics that matter. Remember that it is the basics that matter, such as own easy the software is to use, and which devices it is compatible with. Keep in mind that if you want things like contactless finger tracking and interactivity, then it will push your costs up because it all requires added technology to go along with your digital sign.

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