Top 10 Timeless Leather Jackets Worn by Hollywood Celebrities

Countless are the instances when movie stars have been spotted donning leather jackets. Did you realise there’s significance behind their choice? Yeah, that’s online the sense of confidence they have to carry outfits.  

In late 90s, Lots of famous Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Gosling have worn cool leather jackets in movies. They helped make leather jackets really popular in fashion, not just in movies. Because of Hollywood’s big impact, bomber and biker jackets are now common in many people’s closets. If you’re into movies and want a stylish leather jacket, here are 7 awesome ones worn by Hollywood celebs to think about.

  • Brad Pitt’s Vintage Red Leather Jacket from Fight Club

The structure and substance of the 1999 Fight Club film seamlessly integrated, showcasing Brad Pitt’s renowned crimson leather jacket. The comedy brims with numerous startling and thought-provoking concepts. Nearly every aspect of this film is imbued with humour. However, contrasting with the comedic elements is Tyler’s Scarlet Leather Jacket. It’s stylish, timeless, and mischievous, sure to capture your attention.

The overall jacket is Crafted from exquisite crimson leather. The jacket embodies Tyler’s persona and the erratic ambience of the movie. 

  • Wolverine’s Leather Jacket from X-Men Origins

X-Men Origins came out to deliver about Wolverine’s early days. And, his time with Team X, ending with him getting bonded with adamantium metal. One cannot overlook the unforgettable moment when he emerges from the water tank—a scene etched in memory. Similar narratives can be found within the pages of X-Men Origins comic books.

Throughout Hollywood’s portrayal, Wolverine adopts various distinctive styles, yet it’s his brown jacket that remains iconic, leaving an indelible mark on his character. This non-military attire subtly underplays his extraordinary abilities and rugged appearance, epitomizing Wolverine’s primal essence. Adorned with tan tiger stripes, the brown jacket further accentuates the character’s animalistic demeanor and aesthetic.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Leather Jacket from The Terminator

The Terminator is released in 1984 becomes a popular movie worldwide. Even if you only see a little bit of it, you’ll notice Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a really Biker Style Classic Black Leather Jacket at the beginning. It suits his tough character perfectly and makes him look like a hero. The designers probably picked this jacket because it matches Schwarzenegger’s tough and confident personality. He even wore black sunglasses to complete his cool look. Lots of people love this black leather jacket because it’s so iconic in the movie.

  • Maverick’s Military Leather Jacket from Top Gun

Since its release, the popularity of military-style mens aviator jackets has surged. You might agree that Maverick’s Military Leather Jacket is the most iconic military jacket ever seen on screen. The jacket is adorned with a large patch reading “Far East Cruise 63-4, USS Galveston,” commemorating the US battleships’ tour to Taiwan, Japan, and the Western Pacific.

It’s fitting that the jacket displays the flags of Taiwan, Japan, the UN, and the US, making it a significant fashion statement in the 1980s and continuing to leave an impression today. Complete with numerous patches, badges, and a shearling collar, this jacket helped Maverick and the Top Gun movie become timeless symbols.

  • Indiana Jones’s Leather Jacket from Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Raiders of The Lost Ark” is a timeless blockbuster released in 1981, known for its adventurous storyline. Following its debut, the movie sparked numerous fashion trends. Among these trends was the introduction of the Raiders of The Lost Ark Indiana Jones Leather Jacket, which gave Harrison Ford a rugged and ready appearance. While some critics initially criticized the choice of the leather jacket, it has since become a memorable fashion statement associated with the Indiana Jones movies.

  • Michael Jackson’s Men’s Black Bomber Leather Jacket from the Thriller Music Video

Michael Jackson became an enduring favorite in 1983 due to its releasing thrilling song. In this horror-themed video, Michael Jackson was wearing a men’s Black Bomber Leather Jacket. Besides its striking red hue, the jacket boasts zipper details, black strip accents, and the iconic power shoulders that epitomized the fashion trends of the 80s.


  • Tom Cruise’s Leather Jacket from Mission Impossible

The Hollywood industry boasts a plethora of versatile stars and actors, many of whom are considered paragons of attractiveness. Tom Cruise consistently ranks among the most admired Hollywood stars, revered for both his stylish statements and his extensive repertoire of classic movies.

One iconic piece that immediately springs to mind when mentioning Tom Cruise is the Mission Impossible Tom Cruise Leather Blazer. This jacket is renowned for its comfort, ease of wear, and universal appeal across age groups. Donning this jacket, one can effortlessly channel the spirit of Ethan Hunt, where the impossible becomes possible.

In summary

Hollywood as the top film industry produce a lot of versatile protagonists for society. Concurrently, by the pervasive influence of the actors of Hollywood, people started wearing mens leather trench coats. From 90’s people have strived to wear something that is unique and fashionable. in the fashion and trend realm, one thing has played a pervasive role that’s Leather jackets. 

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