Top 4 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

It is often said that the people who adore, respect and cherish animals and most avidly and passionately support animal rights are often people who do not currently own any pets.

The reason for this is simple:  These people recognize that their current lifestyle and volume of responsibilities means that, should they have a pet, they would not have the proper time to spend ensuring the animal’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing is at an optimum.

If you are a rabbit owner, you will know how intelligent, loving and playful they are and what a crime it is to confine them to small wooden hutches in a kitchen or garden; if you are mad about cats, you will be fully aware of how the old adage that cats simply don’t care about their owners is entirely false and instead need constant company, playtime and cuddles.

For dog owners, puppy store near me there are some key ways to ensure you are being as responsible and respectful as possible to your furry best friend and this article will explore the top four ways to correctly care for your dog.

1. Training Should Start As Early As Possible

For smaller dogs, one that is entirely untrained and without any manner of discipline can be somewhat of an annoyance and result in destructive behaviour.

However, for larger dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Alsatians and even friendly and passive Golden Labradors, training is even more crucial as however friendly you believe your dog to be, they still need to learn who is the proverbial boss in your relationship and bond.

2. Their Digestive Health Is Of Upmost Importance

The importance of the digestive health of your dog should never be underestimated as problems with their teeth, mouth, tongue and salivary glands that are left untreated can quickly lead to significantly more serious and even fatal conditions.

One of the most sensible and cost-effective ways to maintain excellent digestive health for your furry friend is to invest in a quality gut supplement for dogs from a reputable and renowned animal health supplier, such as Buddy and Lola. You should also ensure proper and healthy raw dog food for your pet.

3. Prepare For Walks In All Weathers

Owning a dog means one long walk a day and ideally, except maybe in the case of particularly smaller breeds such as chihuahuas, one walk in the morning and another in the evening.

Regardless of the season and whether there is thick snow falling from the sky or brilliantly hot sunshine, your dog needs to be physically stimulated and exercised.

4. Companionship Is Crucial

It is entirely irresponsible and almost tantamount to animal abuse if you simply leave your dog at home all day, every day, with no human companionship or emotional and physical stimulation.

Invest in good quality and dog-friendly toys and chews, provide them with a safe, warm and comfortable bed to sleep in and never restrict access to the rest of your house for your dog except, perhaps, not allowing them to go upstairs if you have sufficient space downstairs and a garden.

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