Top 5 BEST ReactJS Books For Beginners

Reacts has become the library of choice among developers across the globe as many more endeavor to learn all they can about the workings of this library to build interactive user interfaces. Learning ReactJS for beginners in the development field or those looking to upskill comes with immense benefits including the high demand for ReactJS skills in the field.

However, it is one thing to desire to learn and quite another to actually do so. There are many ways of learning ReactJS including enrolling in a training course combined by undertaking some free online courses, reading books and PDFs, listening to YouTube tutorials, and doing practical projects for a better learning experience. One needs a foundation in JavaScript as ReactJS is a JavaScript library. Also, knowledge of HTML and CSS will come in handy.

We have discussed some of the best ReactJS courses you can undertake to gain valuable skills developing using this coveted library. Also, there is no shortage of information about the career path, opportunities for ReactJS developers, and how to rise from beginner to expert developer. But first, let’s have an overview of JavaScript and ReactJS.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a text-based coding language used to implement features both on the client-side and server-side of web pages and mobile applications. JavaScript is used to make interactive and user-friendly web pages together with HTML and CSS languages that are used to design the structure and visual design.

ReactJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library used for implementing interactive elements in a webpage. It was developed by Facebook in 2013 for building interactive user interfaces (UI), reusable UI components, and single-page applications (SPA). ReactJS is easy to learn, features a document object model (DOM) that is maintained in memory, and also provides speed and fast scalability.

Top 5 BEST ReactJS Books For Beginners

As a React developer desiring to take advantage of available valuable resources to help you get a grasp of ReactJS layout, features, workings, content, and more, we have compiled these top 5 best ReactJS books fit for beginners in 2022. Whether you want to delve into the nitty-gritty of ReactJS, need to pursue something specific, or simply want to build general knowledge, these resourceful books will help you achieve your mission.

  • js Essentials: A fast-paced guide to designing and building scalable and maintainable web apps with React.js

Author: Artemij Fedosejev

Best for: Beginners fast-learners

Content approach: Step-by-step practical guide

What is covered

  • React tools installation
  • Stateless and Stateful React components
  • Build React web app components along with their attributes and children
  • How to build components fast with JSX
  • React components lifecycle methods
  • Flux architecture core elements


Want to get down to practical React.js knowledge in as little as 2-4 days? This is the book to go for. React.js Essentials, a 194-page resource, presents a quick guide to designing, building, and maintaining scalable, high-performing user interfaces and web apps with React.js. Packaged with enough codes, it helps you to grasp and apply ReactJS concepts quickly right from installing ReactJS and other add-ons, developing to testing components with the Jest testing framework.


Knowledge in front-end development

  • The Road to React: Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js

Author: Robin Wieruch

Best for Complete beginners

Content approach: Step-by-step example-based book

What is covered

  • Fundamental and advanced concepts of React like client-side and server-side searching
  • React’s legacy
  • Styling in React
  • React maintenance
  • Real-world React
  • Development and Deployment of React application
  • ES6 features


While there are many roadmaps to mastering React, The Road to React book for beginners introduces the fundamentals and core concepts of React in the most concise and practical way. Alongside learning, you get to implement what you have learned by building and deploying an app step-by-step using React. At the end of every chapter are exercises that you will do to test your understanding of the concepts you have learned. Also, this book is packed with plenty of references in each chapter for comprehensive reading and knowledge expansion.


Familiarity with web development and object-oriented programming (OOP)

  • React Cookbook: Recipes for Mastering React Framework

Author: David Griffiths & Dawn Griffiths

Best for JavaScript developers with React experience

Content approach: How-to-guides (Recipes)

What is covered

  • Building single-page React applications
  • Progressive web applications
  • Developing APIs and implementing SSR with Node, Firebase, GraphQL, and WebPack,
  • Accessibility testing
  • React Native and React VR for mobile app development
  • React application deployment on Digital Ocean


Unlike others, the React Cookbook veers away from fundamental theories and goes right into the how-to of implementing React solutions through illustrations. It compiles 66 practical recipes covering areas within the React Native ecosystem including installation and set-up of the React ecosystem; building, and designing web components, animations, and forms; designing UI and using REDUX to manage states; handling events; testing and debugging applications. Each recipe in this book addresses a specific React issue and provides practical solutions and invaluable insight.


Development experience with JavaScript specifically React

  • FullStack React: The complete guide to ReactJS and friends

Author: Anthony Accomazzo, Ari Lerner, David Guttman, Nate Murray, Clay Allsopp, Tyler McGinnis

Best for Newbies and JavaScript developers desiring to learn React

Content approach: Guide with both simple and advanced illustrations

What is covered

  • React basics i.e writing components, apps, and forms
  • React apps architecture and routing
  • Routing
  • React Native
  • GraphQL


This book packs over 800 pages of React fundamentals, ecosystem, tools, and best practices accompanied by illustrations giving you a practical approach to learning React and building React apps. It features full-stack React development frameworks, tools, and insights for full-stack development from six experts who have been there and done that in the industry.

and hacks from six experts



  • React Projects: Build 12 Real-World Applications from Scratch using React, React Native, and React 360


Best for developers with a basic React knowledge

Content approach: Practical project-based

What is covered

  • React Hooks
  • Components
  • Full Stack development


This book provides the guide for full-stack development concepts using patterns with React tools like React 360, GraphQL, and Expo. It comes with 12 real-world projects exercises for web, mobile, and virtual-reality devices applications that you can work on from the word go as you continue learning to get a hang of React concepts. These include building progressive web apps, animations, full-stack development, front-end development, server-side rendering, as well as state management with React Hooks.


Basic React knowledge

In summary,

There is no right or wrong approach to selecting the best books for your needs. Bear in mind that while choosing ReactJS books to help you better understand ReactJS concepts, you need to consider the:

  • Organization and readability of its content
  • Presence of relevant visuals and illustrations including real-world examples
  • Clear easy-to-follow layout
  • The recentness of the information provided
  • Tips, insights, and techniques are presented in a way that is easy to understand

These books are great for both beginners and developers who wish to learn React.


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