Top Boiler Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boilers are a very important part of every home. It keeps your home warm in Winter months. Also, you get hot water throughout the year with the help of how to reset a boiler. For continuous running of the boiler you need to know some tips so that it does not stop accidently. Additionally, you need to do annual maintenance of the boiler by hiring professional service like Midland Gas

Heat the boiler regularly

For a good boiler running, you should run it at least once a month. In Winter month, you start boiler daily but in Summer months you need to start it once a month so that any blockage in the pipe system could be removed. Also, the same thing should be applied to the heating system. In the Summer and Spring season, start a full heating system for 15 to 20 minutes so that all parts of the heating system works properly.

Pressure of the boiler

Check the pressure of the boiler regularly. It should not be too high or low. Pressure of the boiler between 1 bar to 2 bar is good.  If boiler pressure is less than 1 bar then pressurise it.

Boiler service

Boilers should be serviced once a year by a certified professional engineer. Gas Safe Engineers can do this maintenance. The engineer can identify and solve problems in the boiler system. If ever they suggest an emergency boiler replacement, you can connect with boilers on finance providers to allow this untimely investment. Boiler upgrades can be very expensive, that’s why having the option of financing this upgrade is very handy.

TIP: There are so many reasons that can cause boiler break down that’s why boiler maintenance is quite important to keep in mind for the homeowners. But if you need a boiler replacement then it will be expensive. Don’t worry! Do you know the government backed boiler grant is now available under the home scheme? Check your eligibility for a free boiler grant now.


Radiators have an important role in the boiler system. Check it for any air trapping inside before starting it during the Winter season. It is a good idea to bleed it before the start of Winter season. Check that the heating system is working properly or not. Also, check radiators if they need balancing or not. You can check this thing with little knowledge. Call the registered service engineer to do the task if radiators need balancing.

Avoid Blockages

Ventilation is important for the boiler system. Check for any blockage. Also, do not cover any air vents by mistake. So check all the things properly for ventilation of the boiler system. Check the flame of the boiler. It should be blue. If the color of the flame is yellow or orange then you need to call a certified engineer to inspect the boiler. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarm is important where there is any chance of carbon monoxide leak.  Every boiler system needs Carbon Monoxide alarm installation so that any leak of this gas in the boiler system can give you an alarm, Carbon Monoxide is very hazardous gas. Also, it has no smell. So, you can not know if there is any leak of Carbon Monoxide in your house. So use this alarm system and also check if it is working properly or not at regular intervals.

Blockage of condensate pipe

There are chances of freezing of condensate pipes in the Winter season. It can lead to blockage in the condensate pipe. If you do not give attention to this problem then the boiler may stop working. Insulation is important for the outside condensate pipe to protect it from any outside temperature changes.

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We hope these tips will help you to maintain working of the boiler and heating system properly throughout the year.

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