Top Colours for your roof

Colours for your roof

The roof is a very important part of the house that requires colouring. Simply just having a tile or tin roof is not enough. From the outside, it does not look aesthetic at all. It looks really visually disappearing to look at discoloured roof tiles.

The roof tiles need to be also looking good otherwise it mismatches the entire colour scheme of the house. 

Here are the colours you can choose for your roof

  • Dark colours

Dark coloured roof tiles are great. But dark colours also mean that they might absorb a lot of heat. Hence, in the summers the house might be heated up a lot, especially on the top floor. It is better that you choose black roof tiles only if your home is in a cooler city with a pleasant summer. Black tiles or grey

 tiles for the roof are best suited for homes with white exteriors.

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  • Terracotta 

Terracotta coloured roof tiles are the best. It brings out the earthiness that is needed on a rooftop. The terracotta colours also keep the roof tiles cool during the day and warm during the night. It is also not jarring to the eyes. Most traditional homes in Southern India have terracotta coloured roof tiles

  • Pistachio 

Pistachio coloured roof tiles are a part of pastel shades. They keep the roof tiles cool and warm. For holiday homes, it is a great choice for rooftop tiles. It is also great for birds to sit on such roofs as it is cooler than dark roof tiles

  • Red

Red coloured tiles are also great if you have a coffee-coloured home.

They make a really good blend with the exterior colour of the house. If you have a yellow exterior colour of the house, it will perfectly blend with the red roof tile colour. The red colour also gives an antique vibe to the house.

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  • Mint colored

If you have a house in the hills or a house near the beach, mint green or mintish blue coloured roof tiles will perfectly match with your house’s exterior colours. Many homes in Pondicherry and Shimla in India have mint coloured roof tiles of various shades.

The mint coloured keeps the house cool and also gives out a fresh vibe. Mint coloured roof tiles are great if the exterior colours of your home are in pastel shades. Otherwise, it will be a complete mismatch.

Roof tile colours are important as they transform the exterior vibe of your house as well as make your house cooler or warmer

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