Top men’s fashion trend for fall 2021


The summer is moving at a rapid pace, but fashion lovers everywhere know that we are always looking forward to the future for new trends.

Oh boy, what a thrilling fall lies ahead for the men’s fashion industry such as louis tomlinson merch! People are beginning to feel hopeful after the difficult year.

Living in the moment is a trend for fall, and it’s also important to experiment with style. Let’s hope we get to enjoy all the exciting fashion pieces in the next few months!

All things leather

One of the strongest men’s fashion trends for the upcoming fall is all things leather. We don’t just mean leather shoes and accessories. We mean real clothes such as jackets, coats, and pants.

The 70s are the inspiration for this season’s leatherwear. This is a lot of floor-reaching trench coats. A leather piece is essential if you want to keep up with fashion trends in 2021.

Fun statement knitwear

For those who love statement can check out sweaters and knitwear, 2021 will be a great year. Please, no skin-tight pieces, just oversized, baggy jumpers.

Graphics have been around for a while but men’s knitwear is filled with colours and geometric designs this autumn and winter.Bright and bold louis tomlinson black and white (think primary colors like red or blue), exciting and fun, such a piece will put you in the spotlight as the man who “knows what’s happening”.

Ski-wear though you aren’t skiing

As Vogue puts it, the ski-suit leaves the slopes of the most beautiful resorts to take a trip to the city.This means you can still wear your favorite ski pants and jackets for weekend trips in the fall and winter.

For those who live in extremely cold climates, this is a life-saving trend. Padded, down-filled clothing will keep you warm and show everyone that you are in fashion.

Red, red and more red

Red is the autumn season’s colour. It’s everywhere! From formal wear such as suits, to sweaters, and bomber jackets.It comes in many shades, including the cherry, scarlet, maroon, and carnelian. They all appeal to us because they are eye-catching and depicts confidence.You can look like Santa by choosing neutral colors for your other clothing pieces.

Turtle (roll) neck

They are often divisive and can cause division. People either love or hate turtlenecks. If you are one of the many who have been on the fence, now is the time to give rolling necks a try!High, bold, and stretchy turtlenecks will be very in fashion for the fall/winter season 2021-2022. Don’t be afraid to try it!The chunky turtleneck is great worn alone or under a classic tweed jacket.

BIG outerwear

This season, a consistent theme was taking up space.Big puffy jackets, long-structured overcoats and large bomber jackets take up the most space.You can also wear your turtlenecks or chunky sweaters underneath voluminous outerwear.

Trench coat in classic style

Although a classic trench coat with best adjustable dress form has technically never been out of fashion, it is super fashionable in 2021. We love it! It is a timeless fashion accessory that can elevate any outfit.

You can still wear a monochrome trench but this year there are so many options. Everybody will find something they love, from leather to crazy modern patterns to oversized versions (see previous trend).


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