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Top Three Ways to Improve Your Dental SEO

97% of people who are looking for a local business search online first.

So no matter how many patients your dental practice has, without SEO, you’re losing 97% of new patients to your competition.

And even if you get good results from word-of-mouth marketing or by advertising in your local paper, you will never outrank your competition without incorporating dental SEO.

But improving your dental SEO doesn’t mean you have to become as much of an SEO expert as an 8-figure CEO is. By following a few tried-and-true strategies, you can reach more new clients than you thought possible. Dentist SEO experts implement strategies to enhance the online presence of dental practices. They optimize websites, improve search engine rankings, conduct keyword research, create content, manage online listings, and employ various digital marketing tactics to attract more patients to the dentist’s office. Their goal is to increase visibility and drive traffic, ultimately helping dental practices grow their patient base and succeed online.

Ready to skyrocket your dental practice’s SEO? Keep reading for our three top tips below.

Understand How Keywords Work

Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into search engines to find the answers to the problems they have.

This is why you need to have a good idea of what words potential patients will be using to search. These could be specific dental procedures, treatments, or help with common dental problems.

You can use Google Search Console to check which search keywords your site appeared for and how many people clicked through to your site.

If you’re still confused about keywords, consider getting help from specialized dental SEO services (view here for more).

Optimize Your Website

Having a slow website will rank your website lower on search engine results pages.

This is because search engines want to give users the most relevant and helpful information possible. A slow or poorly-optimized website is the opposite of that.

Ways to optimize your website include:

  • Making it mobile-friendly
  • Creating a logical user experience
  • Improving site speed

One huge way you can improve site speed is to compress your images. This will help your site load faster without sacrificing too much of the image’s resolution.

Create a Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business Profile is vital for getting your practice to show up in local search results.

For example, if someone searches “dentist near me,” then your clinic will pop up on Google Maps along with other local clinics.

Make sure your listing is complete, verified with Google, and accurate with the latest address and phone number for your clinic.

If you have more than one clinic, make sure to create a separate Google listing for each location as part of your dental SEO marketing strategy.

Grow Your Practice With a Dental SEO Strategy Today

SEO optimization is an amazing tool because it lets your business show up to users who are actively searching for a solution to their problem—a solution your practice can give them.

No matter how many patients you currently have in your dental practice, using dental SEO properly can help you get on the radar of patients you wouldn’t normally reach with your current dental marketing strategy.

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